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Where to Find Sulfur in Palworld

While you might not need sulfur straight away in Palworld, it’s a resource you should start stockpiling as soon as possible, especially as you start to level up and begin using guns. Although, unlike ore in Palworld, sulfur is not a common resource you will find around the starting area, and you might need to prepare yourself before you start farming it.

Sulfur is typically found in deserts and hot areas, so if you’re looking to find lots of sulfur in Palworld, you might want to make sure that you’ve unlocked, crafted, and equipped some heat-resistant armor before venturing out for sulfur.

Just like Beautiful Flowers in Palworld, sulfur can only be found in some of the most dangerous areas, making it one of the harder resources to farm in the game.

Small Desert Area

One of the easiest areas to get to for sulfur is the small desert area where you can find Anubis, the alpha Pal. It’s just a small area of desert, but it is scattered with just the right amount of sulfur for lower-level players just needing small amounts of ammo for themselves.

Map showing a winding path through various landscapes with icons indicating locations of interest.

If you’re looking for more sulfur, you might want to skip this area and move on to the next sulfur area, this way you can farm enough sulfur to supply both yourself and your Pals with ammo.

The Foot of the Volcano

If you need more sulfur, then one of the best places to go is the foot of the volcano. As you can imagine, being around a volcano, there are much harder fire Pals to deal with in this area, as well as the intense heat, but if you come prepared, it’s a great place to farm sulfur in Palworld.

In-game map screen showing a character named As Vernom in the bottom left, with health and item icons, and a map of various terrains including a volcanic area.

Unlike the small desert area, the foot of the volcano has much more sulfur scattered around, so make sure to either build a base close to the area to make transporting easier or add some Cattiva’s to your team to increase your carry weight.

The volcano area is also home to some unique fire-type Pals, which makes it a great place to stay a while and capture some new Pals in between your sulfur farming sessions. The volcano area is also a great area for farming Flame Organs since there are so many fire-type Pals in the area.

On Top of the Volcano

Just to the west of the foot of the volcano, you can find the volcano’s peak, which is another great place to find sulfur in Palworld.

Once you reach the top of the peak, you will find a waypoint, making it easier to get sulfur back down from the volcano, and saving you from needing to keep climbing it, which can be difficult considering most flying Pal’s low stamina.

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