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Where to Find Beautiful Flowers in Palworld

The Beautiful Flower is an ingredient in Palworld. You’ll need to know where to find Beautiful Flowers in Palworld in order to craft a range of items such as Suspicious Juice, Strange Juice, and the Flower Bed. But finding the Beautiful Flower item in Palworld isn’t an easy task.

There are several ways in which you can find Beautiful Flowers in Palworld, including capturing certain Pals, defeating certain Pals, and farming Wildlife Sanctuaries.

Which Pals Drop Beautiful Flowers in Palworld?

One of the easiest ways to get Beautiful Flowers in Palworld is to capture or defeat certain Pals, including Petallia, Ribbuny, Wumpo, and Lyleen.

Ribbuny Locations

Cute cartoon character resembling a bunny with pink and white fur, large pink ears, and a red bow on its head.

Ribbuny has a chance to drop Beautiful Flower and Leather in Palworld. You can generally find Ribbunys around wooded areas and forests in the daytime around the North, South West, and East centers of the map.

Aerial view of a fictional or fantastical map with diverse geographical features, including snowy mountains, sandy deserts, green forests, volcanic areas, and mysterious circular structures surrounded by water.
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Ribbuny is suitable for Handiwork (1), Transporting (1), and Gathering (1) in Palworld, so as well as the Ribbuny dropping Beautiful Flowers, it’s a decent Pal to have at your base when you’re starting out.

Petallia Locations

Green floral-themed animated character with flower petals as clothing, featuring large flowers on the sides of its head.

Petallia is one of the rarer Pals that can drop Beautiful Flowers. It can only be found on one of the Wildlife Sanctuary islands in Palworld which is located to the South of the map.

Petallia is a strong Pal that can help with Medicine Production (2), Planting (3), Handiwork (2), Gathering (2), and Transporting (1), so is well worth having around your base.

Wumpo Locations

Anime-style yeti character with blue fur, white shaggy hair, and a dark face, holding a green leaf in its mouth.

Wumpo is an ice element Pal that can drop Ice Organ and Beautiful Flower. It can be found in the snowy area to the far North of the map.

Wumpo can be ridden, and when in your party in Palworld can increase your maximum carrying capacity. It’s also very useful to have around your base with Handiwork (2), Lumbering (3), Cooling (2), and Transporting (4) work suitability.

Lyleen Locations

A plant-like creature with long green leaves extending from its head, orange flowers on top, and a green and white flowing dress adorned with additional leaves.

Lyleen has a chance to drop Low Grade Medical Supplies, Beautiful Flower, and Innovative Technical Manual. This Pal can be found in the Wildlife Sanctuary to the North East of the map.

Lyleen is another great Pal for Medicine Production (3), Handiwork (3), Gathering (2), and Planting (4), so is well worth capturing if you can make it to the Wildlife Sanctuary.

Where Are The Wildlife Sanctuaries in Palworld?

Character riding a sea creature in a blue ocean.

As you may have noticed, you can mostly find Beautiful Flowers in Palworld in the Wildlife Sanctuary locations. However, getting to these locations can be quite difficult, especially if you don’t have a flying or water mount.

A character with white hair and a braid aims a firearm at an enemy near water, with an explosion in the background and a health bar displayed.

There are several Wildlife Sanctuaries in Palworld, all protected by PDIF Guards.

In-game map showing a coastal area with winding landmasses and surrounding water. A yellow marker highlights a specific circular island location towards the bottom center. Game interface elements are visible around the map.

The second Wildlife Sanctuary in Palworld is at the westernmost edge of the map. You’ll need to fly here from the Forgotten Island shrine or use a water mount. You can find Beautiful Flowers here as well as some unique Pals.

Map of a game showing a player's location at a specific point on a large, snowy region with various marked waypoints.

The third Wildlife Sanctuary in Palworld can be found to the east of the Dessicated Desert. There are some tough Pals you’ll come across here as well as Beautiful Flowers.

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