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Where to Find Ancient Civilization Parts in Palworld

Ancient Civilization Parts in Palworld are an important resource that you need to be able to start crafting mid to high-level items and buildings in the game. While many of the rarer items in Palworld, such as Flame Organs can be found by killing easy Pals, Ancient Civilization Parts are a little more difficult to obtain.

Kill Dungeon Bosses for Ancient Civilization Parts

The only way to get Ancient Civilization Parts is by defeating powerful enemies. The first of these enemies are dungeon boss fights, and not only will defeating them reward you with Ancient Civilization Parts, but they’re also a great way to get XP and level up too.

There are several dungeon boss fights in Palworld and each one will reward you with Ancient Civilization Parts when you defeat them. Although it’s worth noting that you will only get Ancient Civilization Parts the first time you defeat a boss, you cannot repeat this process for more Ancient Civilization Parts.

Defeat Alpha Pals

Alpha Pals are stronger Pals that are marked all over the map, and unlike defeating dungeon bosses in Palworld, this method can be repeated and farmed.

Before you head out and take on an Alpha Pal, make sure to check its level, by hovering over it on the map. Alpha Pals are much stronger than your average Pal, therefore you might want to look for some that are slightly lower level than you to make sure you even the odds of winning and earning some Ancient Civilization Parts.

As it stands, these are currently the only two methods of farming Ancient Civilization Parts in Palworld, but as the game is updated, and new ways are added, we will make sure to keep you up-to-date on the best Ancient Civilization Parts in Palworld.

Now you know how to farm Ancient Civilization Parts, you can build more advanced items and buildings, such as the Essence Condenser which allows you to merge multiple Pals together to make a higher rank Pal.

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