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How to Stop Pollution in The Universim

Keep your planet clean and your Nuggets happy in The Universim

While The Universim might seem like a cozy city-builder, there are plenty of challenges to keep you on your toes. One of the biggest challenges in The Universim is dealing with pollution, especially as your city starts to grow.

One of the aims of the game is to push your Nuggets to research new technologies, and eventually achieve space travel, but doing so requires resources, particularly ones that produce large amounts of pollution to produce.

Pollution can cause your Nuggets to become sick, cause issues for your crops, reduce the amount of fish in water, and cause havoc for you and your Nuggets, which is why it’s important to stop pollution as quickly as possible and clean it up.

How to Clean Pollution in The Universim

If you start getting pollution build-up, the first thing you want to do is clean it up. Once it’s all cleaned up, you can start focusing on stopping pollution from being an issue in the first place.

The quickest and easiest way to deal with pollution is to simply use your trickle effect god powers, which costs 40 Creator Points, to make it rain over the polluted area, which will clean it up and remove the pollution. In some cases, where there is heavy pollution, you might need to use the spell more than once to remove the pollution completely.

How to Reduce Pollution

You can keep using rain to clean up pollution, but at the end of the day, it will just keep coming back, however, there are some steps you can take to reduce the amount of pollution in The Universim.

Use Green Buildings

As you progress through the technology tree, you will start getting choices between a handful of new buildings to unlock. For example, near the start of the game, you will have to choose between unlocking the power plant or wind turbines. Obviously, if you go for the power plant, this will produce more energy per building and a lot more pollution.

Choosing the greener option always comes with a downside, such as lower productivity, but personally, I have found the greener option the safer bet in the long run, as I haven’t had to deal with anywhere near as much pollution had I chosen the power plan.

Build More Parks

There are several parks that you can build in The Universim, and each of them will do its part to help reduce the overall pollution on your planet.

You can build each park up to a maximum of five times, which does mean there’s a limit to how many you can build, but, I have found as long as you are careful not to build too many high-pollution buildings, the parks will do a great job of keeping your pollution levels down.

Keep an Eye on Your Neighbors

The other civilizations on your planet, referred to as exiles, can be great to trade with, but they don’t come without causing issues of their own.

As your neighbors start to expand and become more technologically advanced, they can start to produce pollution, which can completely undermine your efforts to keep the planet clean.

While it might be a slightly dramatic approach, I decided to decimate my neighbors. A well-placed meteor shower took one neighbor without a shield out almost instantly, while the other neighbor needed a little more convincing to give up, in the form of tanks and helicopters.

By destroying my neighbors I may have lost trade partners, but I gained a cleaner planet and some extra space to build on. You might find after some time new exiles move in, just repeat the process and you won’t need to worry about them causing pollution.

Build an Air Filter

Building an air filter requires you to have reached the space age, but once you unlock and build it, it’s easily one of the best ways to reduce pollution in The Universim.

As long as you build enough parks, keep on top of any accidents, and make sure to keep pollution down, you can keep things in order, until you have unlocked the air filter. Once you have one, you shouldn’t need to worry as much about buildings that cause pollution, letting you focus on increasing your production of some of the more advanced resources in the game.

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