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Subnautica Do You Really Only Have 24 Hours To Stop The Aurora Exploding?

When you jump into Subnautica for the first time, there is not much in the way of guidance, which in honesty is one of the things that makes the game great for me, it means that you have to figure things out for yourself and explore.

But one of the things leaving people confused is the explosion of the Aurora early on in the game, with only 24 hours to stop the explosion, does it matter if it blows up, or should we just leave it, and can we even stop the Aurora from exploding in the first place, or is it doomed to happen?

Can You Stop the Aurora Exploding in Subnautica?

The simple answer is no, I and many people before me have tried, but there is no way to get into the Aurora before it explodes, you simply have to wait for the explosion to happen, knowing there is nothing you can do to stop it.

But the good news is that it won’t have too much of a negative impact on your gameplay, radiation will become an issue, but as soon as you see the Aurora explode, you will unlock a radiation suit, which will allow you to get around without being affected by radiation.

A screenshot from the game "Subnautica" showing a player in the ocean holding a tool with a large, burning spaceship in the background. HUD elements display oxygen level, health, and tool power.

When you see notifications about the Aurora’s reactor, just ignore it, if you want to stop the radiation from spreading the best course of action is to use the time to gather some resources from the debris around the Aurora before the ship explodes.

Once you have enough resources you can use them to start building some fire extinguishers, radiation suites, and medkits as well as food and water, this will allow you to get inside the Aurora to repair it, you will also need the repair tool.

Do You Need to Repair the Aurora Straight Away?

Again, no, there is no urgent need to repair the Aurora, you can take your time, gather resources, and make yourself a nice base before taking some time to prepare to get the Aurora back in shape.

With the warning messages about the reactor core, you are led to believe that this is an urgent priority, but the fact is, nothing is really time-sensitive in Subnautica, everything can be done in your own time, so it’s best to make sure that you have everything that you need before even thinking about venturing into the Aurora to repair it.

Once you have repaired the Aurora, you will no longer see the radiation spreading, which will allow you to move freely around the ship without concern about radiation.

When you go into the Aurora, make sure to have a good look around it, there is a lot to explore, and plenty of items to scan, which will help you to unlock some new blueprints. There are also plenty of resources to pick up in the Aurora too, such as batteries, which can come in handy back at your base.

If ever in doubt with Subnautica, just remember, that the main focus of the game is exploration, which has been done in a way that allows players to explore and expand at their own pace. So don’t rush or panic, there is never any need to go quicker than you want in this game.

You can happily explore under the waves, without needing to worry about being forced into the story, or anything else. It’s one of the best things about Subnautica, nothing ever needs to be done in a rush, unless you’re drowning, of course, then you should consider hurrying up.

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