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Ranch Simulator Horses Update What You Need to Know

The end of August saw the much-anticipated Ranch Simulator horses update. Not only are horses a new mode of transport in Ranch Sim, but they can also be leveled up to make them more valuable.

If you’re wondering how to make money in Ranch Simulator, investing in a horse could be a wise option!

Here’s a quick overview of how you can add horses to your ranch:

  1. Go to the bus stop
  2. Interact with the sign
  3. Bid for horses at the Auction House
  4. Level up your horse
  5. Build a Training Pad

How to Get a Horse in Ranch Simulator

Before the August update was announced, players were wondering how it would be possible to get a horse in Ranch Simulator. Well, now we can confirm how you can get your hands on the latest animal.

Head over to the bus stop near your ranch and then interact w

investment, so you’ll need to generate some cash beforehand.

What Can You do with Horses?

Once you’ve bought a horse in Ranch Simulator, you can increase their stats:

  • Stamina
  • Speed
  • Handling
  • Health

The higher the stats on your horse, the more they are worth. Of course, the stats also affect how your horse performs, such as how long you can ride them before they get tired.

There are different ways to level up your horses, one of which is to ride them more often.

Ranch Simulator Training Pad

With the Ranch Simulator horses update, you can now build a Training Pad.

In the Training Pad, you can do circular runs to increase your horse’s experience. You can also perform jumps over the jump gates to level up its stats.

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