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Ranch Simulator Fertilized Eggs Guide

Starting Ranch Simulator can be a bit overwhelming. You’ve got a ranch to build and animals to feed, but how do you get fertilized eggs in Ranch Simulator to save you from buying more chickens?

There are a couple of ways you can identify whether or not a chicken egg is fertilized in the game, so we’re going to walk you through the process to start increasing the number of animals on your farm.

How to Tell if Eggs are Fertilized

Identifying whether an egg is fertilized or not is pretty easy, but first, you’ll need some chickens to lay eggs, and an Ovoscope (which can be purchased from the General Store).

When your chickens start to lay eggs, pick them up, and take them to where your Ovoscope is. You can pick up multiple eggs by holding a basket and pressing E on the eggs (if playing on a PC).

Put your eggs in the top of the Ovoscope and press E to turn it on. If the eggs are yellow without any markings, they are not fertilized eggs.

However, if any of the eggs have faint blue lines across them, then they are fertilized eggs. Fertilized eggs in Ranch Simulator will glow yellow in the Ovoscope and display the blue markings.

You can take the fertilized eggs back to the chicken coop. Here, you’ll need to place them down by holding the right mouse button, then clicking the left mouse button to carefully let go.

If you are holding a fertilized egg near the Mother Hen, or you pick one up that is fertilized, the hen will attack you. This is another easy way to identify fertilized eggs in Ranch Simulator.

What Can You Do With Eggs in Ranch Simulator?

Eggs are a useful ingredient in many Ranch Simulator recipes. You can add eggs (fertilized and non fertilized) to milk to make cheese, and to meat to make meatballs and salami.

Adding an egg to your recipes tends to increase the value at which you can sell your products. So, once you get a steady supply of eggs, is useful to keep some by.

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