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Ranch Simulator Cooking Recipes Guide

Ranch Simulator’s April update introduced meat and dairy production. This presented a whole new angle to the game, allowing Ranch Simulator cooking to create different recipes.

Cooking and selling recipes in Ranch Simulator is one of the best ways to make money. It’s a profitable turnaround if you’re willing to put the effort into it.

What Can You Use to Cook Within Ranch Simulator?

There are several different utensils and machines you can use to cook with in Ranch Simulator. These include:

  • Meat Grinder
    • Electric
    • Manual
  • Sausage Stuffer
    • Electric
    • Manual
  • Pan

How to Use the Meat Grinder in Ranch Simulator

Using the Meat Grinder in Ranch Simulator, you can make ground meat. You can choose from pork (pigs), chicken (chickens), and beef (cows).

Take the meat from your cooler box or wherever you store your meat, then place it into the Meat Grinder by pressing E. Once the meat has been ground, you can press E to take the product out of the pan.

Note: You cannot use wild meat like Deer or Bear to make ground meat in Ranch Simulator.

Place your meatball in your drying room. It won’t take too long to dry! You can sell raw meat in Ranch Simulator, but it’s worth less than once it’s cooked.

How to Use the Sausage Stuffer in Ranch Simulator

Choose the meat you want to make sausages with. Again, you can use pork, chicken, or beef. This time, grind the meat in the Meat Grinder, but instead of pressing E to remove the product from the pan, choose to take the pan with you by pressing right-click.

Head over to your Sausage Stuffer and press E to place the meat inside.

Once the process has finished, you can pick up your raw sausages and hang them in your drying room in Ranch Simulator.

Ranch Simulator Sausage Recipes

You can sell raw or dried sausages in Ranch Sim, but you can also create other recipes from them. Meatballs sell for less than boiled sausages, but dried sausages sell for more than boiled sausages.

If you have the time, I’d suggest selling dried sausages; the process takes longer, but it’s worth more in the long run.

Boiled Sausages

You’ll need a bucket of water and a pan. Pick up your bucket of water and pour the water into the pan that’s on your stove/cooker.

Pick up your raw sausages and press E to place them into the pan. Select E again to start the cooking process; once the percentage hits 100%, the sausage is boiled.

You don’t need to put boiled sausages into the drying room, instead, put them in your cooler box.

Sausages with Eggs

Place your meat into the Meat Grinder, but this time once the pan is full, add an egg into it. Pick up an egg by pressing E, walk over to the pot with ground meat, then press E to add the egg.

Pick up the pot with the ground meat and egg, then add it to the Sausage Stuffer.

You can either add the raw sausage to a pan of boiling water or hang it to dry. Either way, adding an egg to your sausage recipe in Ranch Simulator increases the value when sold by $10.

Ranch Simulator Cheese Recipes

If you’re not familiar with making cheese in Ranch Sim, you can read our making cheese guide which will take you through the whole process.

When you’re ready, take your can of milk to a pot on the cooker and press E to add the milk to the pan. Press E to start cooking, then wait for the percentage to hit 100%.

Take the cheese then place it on the cheese shelves for it to dry out. Once dried, you can take the cheese and sell it at the General Store for profit.

White Cheese

This time when you’re boiling the milk, add White Mold (Cows Milk) to the pot of milk by pressing E. Each pack of mold will give you 5 portions.

White Mold costs $125 from the General Store. Creating Cheese with White Mold will sell for more than selling cheese on its own. Subsequently, you can add an egg to the recipe which will increase your profit again.

Blue Cheese

The process for creating Blue Cheese is very much the same as White Cheese. Instead of adding White Mold to the pan of milk, this time you’ll add Blue Mold.

Blue Mold can be purchased from the General Store for $230. Cheese made with Blue Mold and an egg will sell for $315.

Cheese with Eggs

If you don’t want to add any mold to your curd, you can simply add an egg to the cooking process. Eggs sell for $6 each, but when added to a cheese recipe in Ranch Simulator, cheese sells for $70 each.

How Much Does Meat and Dairy Sell for in Ranch Simulator?

Now that we know how to cook the different recipes in Ranch Simulator, it’s time to find out how much they are worth.

While cooking in Ranch Sim does take a long time, the effort is worth it if you want to make money fast.

  • Wild Meat – $15
  • Cheese – $60
  • Cheese (Egg) – $70
  • Cheese (White Mold) – $140
  • Cheese (Blue Mold) – $175
  • Pork Sausage (Boiled) – $45
  • Pork Sausage (Egg, Boiled) – $55
  • Pork Sausage (Salami) – $60
  • Pork Sausage (Egg, Salami) – $70
  • Chicken Sausage (Salami) – $56
  • Pork Meatball (Salami) – $40
  • Pork Meatball (Egg, Salami) – $50

If you go to the Burger Shop, you’ll notice each day there are specials. These specials will include a price multiplier for certain products.

If you sell the products at the store, you’ll get more profit! If you’re looking to make more money in Ranch Simulator, you might want to consider building bee hives and selling honey, as it’s a great way to make money quickly.

How Much do Cooking Items Cost in Ranch Simulator?

After reading this Ranch Simulator cooking and recipes guide, you’ll notice there are certain items you need to purchase to make all of the recipes.

Here’s a quick overview of the cooking items that are available to purchase and how much it costs in Ranch Sim.

  • Pot – $66
  • Meat Grinder (Manual) – $99
  • Meat Grinder (Electric) – $1435
  • Sausage Stuffer (Manual) – $235
  • Sausage Stuffer (Electric) – $999
  • White Mold – $125
  • Blue Mold – $230
  • Milk Can – $135

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