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Planet Zoo: Best Steam Workshop Designs

Planet Zoo is an incredibly detailed game, but with so many intricate building sets it can be a little overwhelming. By picking out some of the best Planet Zoo Steam designs you can not only make your zoo look amazing but also get some great ideas to get your zoo off the ground.

The great part of the Steam workshop designs is the ability to ungroup them and add your own flare to someone else’s design.

Planet Zoo Steam Workshop

Planet Zoo Steam Workshop items are blueprints you can download to help make creating stunning areas for your zoo an absolute breeze, we have compiled a list of what we feel are some of the best out there.

Planet Zoo Workshop page with menu options such as Discussions, Screenshots, Artwork, Broadcasts, Videos, and more. Featured image includes lions and text encouraging users to create and share content.

All of the items listed below are my own personal favorites. They do happen to be very popular on Steam, but that just proves they are awesome!

I’ve listed each of the categories below along with the creator and a link to the Steam workshop item for you to subscribe to and download.

Kore’s Ivy Garden

Best Zoo Entrance

One of my personal favorite Planet Zoo steam workshop items is the Ivy Garden Entrance created by Kore.

A stone-paved courtyard with benches, street lamps, blooming flowers, and decorated red brick buildings on either side.
Kore’s Ivy Garden Entrance (front)

This zoo entrance is among the most popular entrance’s on the steam workshop. I think it’s absolutely beautiful! There are a few requirements that come with the blueprint which include:

  • Souvenir Shops
  • Classic Theme
  • New World Theme
  • Power

You’ll need to unlock these items using the Mechanic Research in Planet Zoo. The zoo entrance is built along a 9-width path, but you can extend this if you wish.

A large brick house with green ivy vines, garden ornaments, and tall trees surrounding it.

There are 4 speakers in the walls, a power generator and a water treatment building, and information and a Mementos shop to the rear. You’ll also find room for an ATM, benches, donation boxes etc.

Wikz’s Drinks & Info

Best Drinks & Info Shops

Wikz’s Drink and Info shops have a real African zoo vibe to them. I love that the design isn’t just face on and has a sense of definition that I find refreshing.

Wooden building with "Drinks" sign and elephant figure, surrounded by trees, baskets, and sacks.
Wikz’s Drinks and Info Shops

If you haven’t guessed already, the blueprint includes a drink and information shop. However, what I love about these Steam items is you can completely customize them to your liking.

A rustic wooden building with signs for drinks and information, decorated with plants and various outdoor seating, surrounded by trees.
Side view of Wikz’s Drink and Info Shops

For example, if your zoo already has a drinks and info shop and you want a food or souvenir shop instead, you can use the shell provided. Planet Zoo (like Planet Coaster) makes it easy to personalize your zoo just the way you want.

Silv’s Tudor Toilets

Best Toilets

Toilets, whilst perhaps not the most attractive of buildings, are an absolute necessity to any zoo. Silv has done an awesome job of making a boring toilet block look like part of the scenery. In fact, it’s hard to recognize the blueprint as a toilet!

Two-story Tudor-style house with wooden beams and brick walls, located in a grassy field with mountains in the background.
Silv’s Tudor Toilets

Unlike shop shells (or blueprints), toilets do have to be used for toilets due to their unique shape and design. However, with a bit of fiddling, you could easily personalize this blueprint for shops or even staff buildings.

Tudor-style house with brick walls, half-timbering, and a steep brown roof, surrounded by trees and overgrown with purple wisteria.
Tudor Toilet Chimney View

The detail that goes into these blueprints is insane. Just look at the work around the chimney with the flowers and foliage. Absolutely spot on.

I don’t know about you, but this is giving me some serious inspiration for my own zoo in Planet Zoo!

Bucko415’s Reptile House

Best Exhibit Habitat

There are two types of habitat; a normal habitat and an exhibit. Technically speaking, an exhibit isn’t really a habitat, but Steam classes it this way. My favorite exhibit has to be this Reptile House created by bucko415.

Reptile house with glass roof, palm trees, and green plants outside.
Reptile House by bucko415

The design requires you to research the Classic Theme in the game in order to make use of it. The blueprint includes space for:

  • Exhibits
  • Toilets
  • Donation boxes
  • Benches
  • Water feature
A lush, misty greenhouse with various tropical plants, stone pathways, and a central water feature surrounded by greenery.
Inside the Reptile House

All of the above is included but will just require you to create paths throughout. bucko415 says this should be quite easy to sort out. I’d recommend using the angle snap feature in Planet Zoo.

Best Animal Habitat

The award for best animal habitat (in my opinion) goes to MorZoo’s Grizzly’s Home. The level of detail included in this blueprint is absolutely amazing and the creativity deserves to be recognised.

Aerial view of a simulated landscape with various trees, shrubs, rocks, and a wooden structure.
Grizzly’s Home Overview

The Grizzly’s Home was created as part of the Bear Necessities challenge in Planet Zoo. The habitat includes a cave for the bears, a beautiful cascading waterfall, and a shallow water area for fishing.

Visitors viewing a bear habitat at a zoo, with a lush, detailed landscape and informational signage.
Guest View of MorZoo’s Bear Habitat

In order to place this blueprint in your zoo, you’ll need to unlock the following items by researching them:

  • Africa Theme (level 1)
  • New World Theme (level 1)
  • Asia Theme (level 1)

Floss’s Longleat House & Gardens

Best Park (Zoo)

This is by far the best park I’ve seen in Planet Zoo. There are a few reasons for this, but first, let me draw your attention to the insane level of detail that has gone into the building alone! Hats off to you Floss for creating this spitting image of Longleat House and Gardens.

A grand, multi-story stone mansion with symmetrical architecture and ornate details, featuring large windows and statues on the roof, set against a cloudy sky with neatly trimmed hedges and gravel pathways leading to the entrance.

I am extremely lucky to live very close to Longleat House and Gardens and have been at least once a year for as long as I can remember. This place brings back wonderful memories, so seeing this in Planet Zoo is downright fantastic.

Inside this wonder, you’ll find gift shops, food and drink shops, seating, and a staff area. The staff area includes a staff room, workshop, and power station.

Step foot outside and you’ll find beautiful gardens, the iconic maze, and a train station. Utterly awe-inspiring, this must have taken HOURS to create.

Since we know how hard sim games such as Planet Zoo can be, we’ve been compiling a list of guides to help make sure building your zoo is manageable.

Take a look at some of our other guides to become a Planet Zoo pro:

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