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Is New World Dead?

Amazon Games’ New World MMO launched with a peak of over 900,000 players; a very strong start for a new studio. But since its release at the end of September, the game has already faced a rapid decline. is New World dead, or can they bring players back with new updates?

While we expect to see drops in active players shortly after a game’s release, the drop from 913,027 to a 24-hour peak of 258,136, which was taken on a weekend, is huge.

Player statistics for the game "New World," showing 180,184 currently playing, 258,136 peak in the last 24 hours, and 913,027 all-time peak with a six-month player graph.

Why is New World dying?

Many have chalked the game’s active player base dying down to the company not listening to its players. The game hit a rocky start with multiple issues on launch, leaving players in massive queues to get into their server.

They later added server transfers and gave the wrong information about the logistics of transfers. This led to even more players being angry at the company.

A Twitter conversation where a user asks if it will be possible to switch from a US server to an EU server in New World, and New World replies that it's possible to move between regions.

Amazon Games later corrected this and announced that players in fact would not be able to transfer from a US server to an EU one, meaning many players had wasted their time on a server not local to their region.

On top of this, there have been issues where they have allowed HTML through chat. This allows players to inject code through the chat causing games to crash. It even shut down the games’ trading system completely, due to an exploit that they missed.

The game does feel unique, but at the same time, I couldn’t help feeling like there’s a lack of content. If you want to grind, there are tons of skills to get up. You can group up with friends and do some dungeons, or engage in some PVP.

But beyond that, the game at times can feel somewhat lacking.

That being said, it’s not a bad game. I personally enjoyed playing it very much, but it didn’t take long before I hit max level and started to get bored. Beyond the repetitive chores, there was little else to do, hopefully, something future content can cure.

Is New World dead? Not completely, but for a game that’s only been out a very short time, it already feels like it’s on its last leg. Amazon is going to have to start listening to its consumers if they want to rectify this issue.

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