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Is Nookazon Safe, How Does It Work, and What Is It?

We’ve previously looked at what you can do with all your extra DIY recipes in Animal Crossing New Horizons, but thankfully Nookazon, a fun play on words between Amazon and Tom Nook, has created a new way to deal with duplicate DIY recipes, but is Nookazon safe? And how do you use it?

Until recently, the most common way to dispose of these extra recipes was through Reddit groups, where people would trade them, saving them from going to waste.

I would often leave them on a stall, so when I had visitors, they could help themselves, just as a way to stop me from having so many that they flooded my island floors in duplicate recipes.

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What is Nookazon?

Nookazon is a fan-made website that can be used to buy, sell and trade items in Animal Crossing New Horizons in a safe way, using only in-game items or currency, and without the use of real currency.

While Reddit was a perfectly acceptable way to trade items, it lacked any form of search or filtering function, which makes Nookazon a much more superior way of trading items in ACNH.

There is also a great safety page in Nookazon, which helps players learn how to spot scammers, looking to get items for free and stop them before they are able to rip you off.

Players can also browse between hot items, new items, and a bunch of other categories, for those who don’t really know what they want or are just looking for the right item for their current project.

A screenshot of the Nookazon website, for the article is Nookazon safe?

But it’s not just items, players can also browse for villagers, sellers will have these villagers packed up with moving boxes, allowing the buyer to come along and sweep up some rare villagers in the process.

Other sellers will be selling visits from NPC’s meaning you can purchase a trip to an island where Celeste is visiting and perhaps a meteor shower is taking place too, which considering how infrequently that seems to happen for me, is great news.

Grid display of various animated character icons from a game, each depicting a different character with associated in-game pricing and visitation details.

How Does Nookazon Work?

Nookazon is a community-based trading platform and is a prime example of how well gaming communities can come together and help each other out.

Players are able to directly sell, auction, or request items, and place the required amount for trade, using any of the in-game items at their disposal.

There is also the option to sell items under, make an offer, which allows buyers to make an offer on the seller’s goods, which the seller can choose to accept or reject, somewhat similar to eBay’s buy it now features.

Screenshot of an online marketplace for Academy Uniforms showing listings and user interface with options such as "Selling," "Auctions," and "Looking For." The page includes images and descriptions of various academy uniforms in different colors available for trade or purchase from different users with ratings and offer details displayed.

While clearing up my islands dumping grounds for DIY recipes has been the best thing to come out of Nookazon for me, as someone who lacks creativity, it has been a great asset to have a wealth of items to choose from now.

I’ve also used Nookazon to identify some DIY recipes that I didn’t even know existed in the game, allowing me to create some amazing new themed areas on my island, and really test the boundaries of my creativity.

No matter if you are looking for some new clothes, furniture for your house, or something to help redesign a section of your island, give Nookazon a try today.

There is also a Nookazon app too if you prefer to use your phone, which makes buying, selling, and trading Animal Crossing items on your mobile much quicker and easier.

Is Nookazon illegal?

No, Nookazon is not illegal and is not against any terms of use set out by Nintendo, and while it’s a perfectly acceptable way of obtaining or trading items for ACNH, some players do consider it to be cheating and frown upon the site.

Is Nookazon Safe?

As with most transactional websites, there is always a risk of being scammed, but as Nookazon doesn’t allow any transactions with real money, the only risk is to your in-game items or currency.

Thanks to the built-in review system in Nookazon, there is much less risk of being scammed, as you can purchase from highly rated sellers, giving you much more protection than you would have if you were to trade with a stranger from Reddit.

There is also the option to report scammers for violating Nookazon’s terms and conditions, which helps the website remove any potential scammers from the website, and keep it a clean and fair community for all.

Their well-written and extremely detailed safety guide also recommends using Dodo codes, to limit users’ access to one session, as well as using airplane mode, if any players give away this code, or attempt in any way to break your confidence.

In short, yes there are still some risks, but they are not going to affect you financially, and as long as you are careful in who you invite to your island, in almost all cases Nookazon seems to be both a safe and honest community and a great asset to Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

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