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How to Use Junk Turrets in 7 Days To Die

One of the best additions to 7 Days To Die (AKA: 7DTD) was the junk turrets, but due to the updated skill system, players are wondering how to use junk turrets in 7 Days to Die. Questions arose, like, do they need power, how do you place them, and how do you reload them?

The answer to using turrets in 7 Days To Die is much simpler than you may think.

Manually Firing the Junk Turret

Unless you happened to have it in your active Hotbar, you may not have thought to try using it as a weapon, but believe it or not, the turret can be picked up and manually fired, as well as being able to be a stationary turret.

You will need to have crafted some ammo and then press R while holding the Junk Turret to make sure it’s loaded, once loaded, use it as if it were any other gun.

Placing and Using the Junk Turret

If you are ready to use the turret, simply right-click your mouse button, but make sure you have pressed R to reload it first.

You will then see either a red or green version of the turret. Find a suitable place and right-click again to place the turret down.

The part that has people confused is powering the Junk Turret in 7 Days To Die. But this doesn’t need to be done, the Junk Turret is completely self-powered, as long as you are within close proximity to it.

To start with, you can only use one turret per person until you have unlocked a relevant skill that will allow a second. However, you can place more than one turret, but only the closest one will work, unless that has run out of ammo, in which if another is close that will take over.

If you’re able to get a junk turret ready for the blood moon, strategically placing it can be the difference between life and death, making it much easier to survive the night.

Crafting the Junk Turret

You may have picked one of these up and thought I don’t need to craft one or level up in the skill, but that would be wrong. There are a few benefits to ensuring you level up this perk.

Increase Your Intelligence

The first thing you want to do is make sure to sink some points into the intelligence skill, this will allow you to unlock more points into the Turrets Syndrome skill.

If you don’t have the skill points to spare, you might need to focus on leveling up quickly, so you can sink the points into intelligence.

Not only will this help you to increase the Turrets Syndrome skill, but it will also have the added benefit of increasing your headshot damage with the turrets as well as stun batons.

Add Points to the Turrets Syndrome Skill

Next, you want to start putting points into the Turrets Syndrome skill, which will give you the following benefits:

  • Level 1: Craft level 2 turrets, deal 10% more damage, fire 30% faster range increased
  • Level 2: Craft level 3 turrets, deal 20% more damage, 60% faster fire rate, further range increase
  • Level 3: Craft level 4 turrets, deal 30% more damage, 90% faster fire rate, reload 30 extra rounds, and further range increase
  • Level 4: Craft level 5 turrets, deal 40% more damage, 120% faster fire rate, reload 40 extra rounds, reload 10 quicker, further range increase
  • Level 5: Reload 20% faster, reload with 50 extra rounds, further range increase, and deploy two turrets

So reaching level 5 and having two active turrets at once, could mean the difference between life and death during a blood moon.

Now you know how to use junk turrets in 7 Days to Die, why not take a look at the rest of our guides and news for 7 Days to Die, such as our guide on creating the 7 Days to Die mini bike, and how to craft forged steel.

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