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How to Make Ingots in Palworld

As is the case with many survival games, if you want to progress, you’ll need to start making ingots in Palworld. It doesn’t take long until you need to start farming for metal ores and refining them into ingots.

Before you can start making ingots in Palworld, you need to unlock the Primitive Furnace, which requires players to be at least level 10. If you haven’t yet made it to level 10, you can level up quickly in Palworld by catching the same type of Pal repeatedly, granting you bonus XP for catching the same type.

Build a Primitive Furnace

Before you go looking for ore in Palworld, you will first need to make a primitive furnace, so you can make ingots from the ore you mine. Once you have reached level 10, unlock the ability to build the Primitive Furnace and start gathering the resources you need to build it.

Once you have unlocked the primitive furnace you will need the following materials to build the furnace:

The wood and stone are of course easy to gather, but for the Flame Organs, you will need to look for some starter fire-type Pals, such as the Foxspark.

Igniting the Furnace

Once you have the Primitive Furnace in Palworld, actually crafting the ingots can be a little confusing, as you need a Pal to ignite and work the furnace for you. Unlike other crafting benches and w

Add a Foxspark or similar fire-type Pal to your camp, and they will automatically smelt any ore that you have in the furnace queue for you. If you build more than one Primitive Furnace in your camp, make sure to have more than one fire-type Pal assigned to work at your camp, otherwise, only one Primitive Furnace will work at a time.

When choosing a Pal to smelt your ore in Palworld, make sure to take a good look at their abilities and choose one that has a high-level kindling skill, this will make sure that the ore smelts into ingots quicker. And if you’re planning on smelting a lot of ore into ingots, you might want to make sure that you have more than one fire-type Pal working at your base, as Pals do need to take a rest, so having a second should help keep the ingot production flowing smoothly.

Where to Find Ore in Palworld

Thankfully ore is a common resource that can be found all over the place in Palworld. The ore deposits are a unique reddish brown color which makes them easy to spot from afar, and in many cases, you can often find more than one ore deposit clustered together around the same area.

All you need is a pickaxe and some time to go out looking for these ore deposits, but thankfully, you won’t need to look for long, as they’re a pretty common resource.

some room in your inventory to bring some back with you.

Once you have unlocked and started making ingots in Palworld, you will quickly be able to upgrade to metal tools, alongside other new items that will make progression much easier, making ingots a valuable resource in the early game stages of Palworld.

Unlock the Metal Pickaxe

Once you reach level 11 in Palworld you can unlock the metal pickaxe. This will make mining ore much quicker, making mining ore in Palworld much less dull.

To craft the metal pickaxe, you need:

  • x15 Stone
  • x20 Wood
  • x5 ingots

Of course, you will need to use the stone pickaxe to start with so you can get the five ingots needed to build the metal pickaxe, but once you have crafted it, you will find ore mining much quicker.

Increase Your Weight Limit

One of the biggest issues with farming on Palworld is your weight limit, which sadly doesn’t give you much room to carry a lot of ore at the start of the game.

Thankfully, you can increase your weight easily with two quick methods. The first and most obvious one is to simply level up and increase your weight stat. The other method of increasing your weight is to add some Cattiva’s to your party. These Pals have a passive ability that increases the player’s weight limit when they are in a party with you, letting you farm more ore in Palworld without needing to go back to drop it at your base as often.

Build a Farming Outpost

When you start upgrading your Palboxes, you will notice the number of Pals you can have at base increases. However, when you level it up enough, it will give you the ability to place a second, and eventually even a third Palbox in other areas, making it easy to make other bases around the map and teleport between them.

If you have got to the stage where you can have a second Palbox, simply put one down in an area with plenty of ore nodes and turn it into a farming base. Once you have picked the area clean of ore, you can quickly teleport with the ore back to your primary base, making farming much quicker in Palworld, without the need to travel around the map.

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