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How to Make Gas in Ark: Survival Evolved

Learning how to make gasoline in Ark is essential to keeping your base’s generator going. Although taming dinosaurs and surviving the Ark take precedence in the game’s mechanics, maintaining an efficient fuel source is just as important.

Gasoline in Ark can be used to fuel various items like the Electrical Generator, Chemistry Bench, Industrial Cooker, Industrial Forge, Industrial Grill, and Fabricator.

Gasoline is an important resource in Ark, which is eventually replaced by element, an end-game resource that is much more difficult to come by.

Making Gasoline in Ark

A futuristic, cylindrical, metallic container with illuminated interior and rust-like details.

Making gasoline is pretty simple once you have the required materials. You’ll need 5x Oil and 3x Hide to make 5x Gasoline in the Refining Forge.

To make a lot of gasoline, you can place the same ingredients into an Industrial Forge, allowing you to produce up to 100 Gasoline at a time.

Where to Find Oil in Ark

You can gather oil by using a Pick on an oil node. The Metal Pick yields more oil per node than a Stone Pick.

Oil tends to spawn mainly in the ocean, in underwater caves, and in nodes on ground level, depending on the Ark map you’re playing. For example, in Genesis 2, you can buy oil from HLNA’s store and gather it from the space biome.

As well as farming oil, you can gather it from tamed Dung Beetles, Hesperornis egg in the Cooking Pot, Tusoteuthis, and Basilosaurus.

Oil Resource Maps

If you’re struggling to find oil in Ark, here are the various resource maps for you to see where oil is located. Simply turn all the other Ark resources icons off and enable Oil Rock to get the best view of the oil locations per Ark map.

Certain mods and updates might change the map slightly, or add new ways to get oil in Ark, but for the base game, the resource maps should be up-to-date and the best places to obtain oil. If you’re playing a PVP server, you might want to take extra protection, as oil zones can often be hot spots for PVP.

Gasoline Burn Times

Although gasoline doesn’t burn that quickly in Ark, you’ll want to ensure you have a decent supply of it so your generator and other items don’t run out of fuel.

Below are the gasoline burn times in Ark for different items:

ItemBurn Time for 1 GasolineBurn Time for 100 Gasoline
Chemistry BenchFabricatorIndustrial CookerIndustrial Forge15 Minutes1 day, 1 hour
Electrical Generator1 Hour4 days, 4 hours
Industrial Grill20 Minutes1 day, 9 hours, 20 minutes

The burn time is another part that can be affected by any Ark mods being used, some mods might change these times, giving you more burn time per gasoline, while other mods can remove the need for gasoline in many buildings.

Once you unlock the Tek generator, you should find that your gasoline con

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