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How To Level Up Dinos and Creatures Fast in Ark: Survival Evolved

If you want to survive in Ark: Survival Evolved you need the help of some dinosaurs and creatures, but for those just starting their journey in Ark, a low-level starter dino just isn’t going to cut it. Thankfully there are ways to quickly level up your dinos and creatures in Ark, increasing your chances of survival.

Not only will these tips help level up your dinos quicker, but they can also help you level up quicker and help you progress through the game quicker.

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If you are playing on an Ark server and have tribe mates, you might want to try leveling together, as you can share XP and work together to speed up how much XP your dinos and creatures get. Not only will this help you and your tribe mate level up, but you will also be able to level up multiple dinos at the same time this way.

1. Use the Grinder While Sat On a Tame

Grinders in Ark are a great way to get XP quickly, not only for you but for your tames too. Make sure to farm as much stone and wood as you can for the grinder. Simply fill the grinder with wood and stone, then sit on your tames and watch your tames level go up quickly.

Your dino’s level should start to increase rapidly since you’ll be sharing the XP when you’re riding a tamed dino. This method for leveling up is best for creatures that can’t take on bigger dinos.

If you’re part of a bigger tribe, this can also be a great way for you all to level up your tames together, as the XP will be shared among all of you, and your tames.

If you haven’t got a grinder yet, it’s worth making one, as this is one of the best ways to level up quickly, and is also great for grinding unwanted gear too.

2. Breed Dinos to Kill

It might not be the most orthodox method in Ark to level up your dinos, but raising dinos just to kill them for XP can be an effective way of leveling up your tames.

Breed and hatch as many baby dinos as you can (I recommend baby Rexs or baby Allosaurus’). When they reach their juvenile state, un-claim them and mount your preferred dino you want to level up and kill them for the XP.

It’s worth keeping your baby dinos in a dedicated area like a hatching pen so that other creatures don’t get in on the killing spree. Open the doors then use your mounted dino to munch them all.

If you have other creatures nearby, you might want to make sure they are set to passive, otherwise, they could join in the fight.

3. One Hell of A Treasure Hunt (Genesis I)

In Genesis Part 1, there’s a mission called One Hell of a Treasure Hunt. This mission can easily be completed on Beta if you have a strong Rex or Giga you want to level up.

The mission takes you through some pretty dangerous areas, along a straightforward route. Be sure to kill every dino you encounter along the way and enjoy the XP.

4. Orbital Supply Drop (Extinction)

Solo with a high-level dino in Ark, or with some teammates, head over to an Orbital Supply Drop (OSD) in Extinction. Here you’ll fend off waves of creatures (level dependent on the difficulty you choose).

This is a great way to earn XP in Ark and level up your dinos and creatures easily. It also gives you some pretty awesome rewards.

5. XP Events

Look out for double or triple XP events in Ark. During certain Ark events or seasonal events, you’ll notice that XP rates are increased.

This is the perfect time to level up your dinos since you’ll get double or triple what you normally would. Apply the same methods above during these events to hit the max level fast.

6. Kill Alphas

Killing alphas is not only one of the best ways to level up your dinos in Ark, but it’s also a great way to level up your character.

Of course, alphas are much more dangerous than your average dino, and new players might find this one a little tough to take on, but if you have creatures strong enough, the reward is worth the risk.

A feathered dinosaur standing on a forest floor with sunlight filtering through the trees.

7. Explorer Notes

All of the official maps contain explorer notes which temporarily increase the amount of XP you gain. If you stand on one of these explorer notes while on your mount, your tame will get the bonus XP.

Grabbing an explorer note and either going to a grinder, alpha farming, or simply going on a killing spree is an excellent way to level up your dino or creature quickly, but only lasts a short while.

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