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How to Install an SSD in Your PS5

The PS5 might be one of today’s most powerful gaming consoles, with impressive graphics and reduced loading times, but the one thing it does lack is adequate storage. The console comes with less than 1TB of usable storage out of the box.

With games getting bigger and bigger each year, the built-in storage is only enough to keep a handful of your favorite games on the console, but what if you want more?

The good news is, you can install an SSD in your PS5, and with the best SSDs ranging in speeds and sizes, you can slap another 4TB of super speed storage in your PS5 should you need it, and have the budget to do so.

Before you get started, you will need a cross-head screwdriver to be able to install your new SSD into your PS5.

Remove the Covers

The first thing you will need to do is remove the PlayStation 5 covers, so you can get access to the NVMe SSD drive behind them. Doing so is a simple process that only takes a few seconds per each side.

To remove the cover, find the side of the console with the disc tray, or if you own the digital edition, it’s the side without the PS logo on it. In the opposite corner, as highlighted in the image above, gently lift and slide the cover towards the direction of the disc tray.

If you want to give your PS5 a clean, to ensure it runs well, you can also take the other cover off by lifting and pushing from the PS logo, towards the opposite direction.

Remove the Expansion Slot

Now that you’ve removed the cover, you will be able to see the SSD expansion slot, a small strip of metal with a single screw, as pictured below.

Simply unscrew the black screw, and the expansion cover will easily slide out. Inside the cover you will see a black screw and a silver spacer, you will need to remove these and have them ready to install your new SSD into your PS5.

Installing the SSD Into Your PS5

Now you are ready to install your SSD, you simply need to slide the SSD into the connector at a slight angle. You will feel a slight click as it locks into place.

If you haven’t yet bought an SSD for your PS5, we recommend buying one with a heatsink already installed, as this makes the job much easier and saves you the time of also having to install a heatsink. We wouldn’t recommend installing an SSD without a heatsink in your PS5, as this could lead to your PS5 overheating.

Once the SSD is in place, put the screw through the space and screw your SSD into the slot. You can then screw your PS5 expansion cover back on and slide the console’s lids back into place.

Format the Drive

Once you power up your console, you see a screen asking you to format the new drive, simply let the console format the drive, which usually only takes a few seconds, and then you can enjoy installing more games than ever on your next-gen console.

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