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How to Grow Crops in Ranch Simulator

Are you wondering whether it’s worth growing crops in Ranch Simulator? Do you want to know how much it costs, how to do it, and where to begin? Follow our Ranch Simulator crops guide to find out how to grow crops, keep them alive, and make a tidy profit!

Ranch Simulator Crop Plots

Before you go out and buy seeds in Ranch Simulator to grow your crops, you’re going to need to build a crop plot. You can build a Small Crop Plot or a Large Crop Plot. You can plant one seed in the small plot, and two seeds in the large plot.

Note: The seeds do not have to be the same type. E.g. you can plant a red pepper seed on one side of the Large Crop Plot, and tomato seeds on the other side.

Where To Place Crop Plots in Ranch Simulator

When you place crop plots in Ranch Simulator, you’ll need to make sure they have enough sunlight. Now that you can build a greenhouse, you may want to place your crop plots in here. Alternatively, you can place them outside.

I haven’t noticed an increase in speed or quantity by placing crop plots inside the greenhouse. I’m not sure if this is a bug, or intended, but I tested both methods.

Purchasing Seeds in Ranch Simulator for Crops

you’ll need to grow your crops successfully.

Below is a Ranch Simulator crop growing/selling table that highlights how much it costs to purchase each type of seed, how much they sell for, how long they take to grow, and whether they are re-harvestable.

CropCabbagePumpkinsWatermelonBell PepperTomatoStrawberryPineappleGrape
Seed Price (10 per packet)$10$10$10$20$30$30$45$70
Sell Price (individual)$5$10$7$2$6$4$30$20
Amount per harvest11154413
Growth time10m40m15m20m40m20m1hr1hr 35m

Note: The only crop that cannot be re-harvested is the cabbage.

Upon harvesting a crop, there is a chance the crop will die. According to the Ranch Simulator Wiki, this is “10*n% chance of the crop dying, where n is the number of times harvested”.

Do You Need Fertilizer for Ranch Simulator Crops?

Fertilizer can be purchased from the General Store for $100. Fertilizer speeds up the growth time.

If you don’t want to keep purchasing fertilizer, you can buy a Composter for $250 at the General Store. This uses animal manure to create fertilizer, which is a cheaper option long-term.

As well as fertilizer, you may want to consider buying a Sprinkler for your Ranch Simulator crops, since this will save you from having to fill buckets of water to water your crops. The Sprinkler costs $25 from the General Store.

How to Plant Crops in Ranch Simulator

Planting seeds in your Ranch Simulator crop plots is super simple. Just pick up the seed packet, head over to the crop plot, and press E to plant a seed.

Once planted, you’ll need to add fertilizer by picking up the fertilizer; press E to fertilize your crops.

Crops require water to grow. You can place the sprinkler in or near the crop plot. However I have noticed if you place it in the middle of the crop plot, once the crops begin to grow, the sprinkler will need to be inserted elsewhere.

You can see how much water the crop plot has by the top (blue) bar when hovering over a seeded crop plot.

The second (brown) bar indicates the fertilizer level of your crops in Ranch Simulator. The third (green) bar is the progress/growth level.

The last bar in the plant information UI indicates if your plants are diseased. You can purchase Agricultural Medicine for $100 from the General Store to cure disease. I haven’t experienced this with any of my crops yet, however.

Harvesting Ranch Simulator Crops

Once your crops are ready to harvest, you can press E to harvest them. Depending on what you are growing depends on how much each crop yields.

If a crop cannot be re-harvested, you can remove it, or you can remove it beforehand if you want to make room for a different type of seed).

Watering Crops in Ranch Simulator With the Windmill

The windmill in Ranch Simulator requires 150 metal to build. Metal costs $500 per 50 sheets, so will cost $1500. If you have the money to spare, it’s definitely worth building one. This will save you from making multiple trips to fill up your bucket in order to water your crops.

For the sprinkler to work, you must have a windmill in the sprinkler’s radius. You can check this by looking at the green highlighted areas when interacting with the windmill.

What Does the Composter Do in Ranch Simulator?

The composter turns animal manure into fertilizer which is then used to to fertilize your crops. Adding fertilizer increases the growing speed of your fertilized crops.

Do You Need a Greenhouse To Grow Crops in Ranch Simulator?

The simple answer is no, you do not need a greenhouse to grow crops in Ranch Simulator and crops will grow just in a crop plot on the floor. However, having a greenhouse does make it easier to store your seeds and other crop-related items in one place.

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