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How to Get Paldium Fragments in Palworld

If you’re looking to capture Pokémo… I mean Pals, you’re going to need to farm a lot of Paldium, a fairly common resource that is needed to make spheres in Palworld which can then be used to capture Pals.

Thankfully, unlike Flame Organs and other resources in Palworld, Paldium Fragments can be found all over the place. But that doesn’t stop them from quickly becoming a boring task farming them.

Crush Stone into Paldium Fragments

Stone is one of the easiest resources you can farm in Palworld, which is why turning stone into Paldium is one of the best ways to farm Paldium Fragments in Palworld.

Simply build a Stone Pit and make sure to have some Pals working on it, giving you a constant supply of stone. Then build yourself a grinder and use it to convert stone into Paldium Fragments.

Both the Stone Pit and Grinder can be opperated by Pals, meaning you can pretty much automate this, with you just needing to ocassionally go to the grinder and restart the production queue.

Mine Paldium Rocks

If you need some Paldium quickly and don’t have time to wait for it to grind, you could go out and farm some Paldium rocks for quick results.

A good area for mining Paldium in Palworld is the starting area. Simply head on back to the first area of the game, and follow the river down the hill.

Each Paldium rock gives you 5 Paldium Fragments in total, and with so many rocks by the river in the starting area, you can quickly start racking up a ton of Paldium.

You can also get the occasional Paldium Fragment from mining stone deposits too, but this doesn’t include the Stone Pit at your base, and also doesn’t include any other nodes, such as iron ore.

Venture into Dungeons

Dungeons can be another great way to get Paldium in Palworld. While it’s not always guaranteed, many of the games dungeons will include larger Paldium rocks that offer more Paldium Fragments per rock.

Not only can this be a great way to get more Paldium, but you can also find some new and rare Pals in dungeons, as well as farming XP.

Grab Paldium Fragments From the Floor

This isn’t the best way to get Paldium Fragments, but if you’re right at the start of the game and don’t have any tools yet, you might need to just grab some Paldium Fragments from the floor.

Thankfully Paldium Fragments on the floor are easy to spot, they are small blue shards that glow, making them easy to find, even from a distance. You will find it’s fairly common to find Paldium scattered around the map, so you shouldn’t need to look for too long before you stumble across it.

How to Carry More Paldium Fragments

If you plan to go out mining for Paldium Fragments, you might want to consider taking some Cattiva’s with you. They might not be the most powerful Pal in the game, but they do have a passive ability which helps increase your carry weight, letting you farm more before needing to return to base.

If you still find that you’re not able to carry enough Paldium, you could consider building a new base close to a Paldium source, this way you can quickly return to store the Paldium you have gathered and head back out quicker, making the process much faster and eliminating the need to keep traveling.


Can Pals Mine Paldium?

Yes, just like most other resources in Palworld, your Pals can help you mine Paldium, making the task of farming Paldium much quicker and easier.

What Are Paldium Fragments Used for in Palworld

Paladium fragments in Palworld are used for crafting various items and equipment, as well as upgrading and enhancing existing ones. Most importantly, you need Paldium to craft spheres, which are used to capture Pals.

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