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How to Get New Crop Seeds in The Universim

The Universim is a challenging city-builder game where players take on the role of god to help guide, grow, and advance a race known as Nuggets. And just like most popular city-builders, keeping a healthy supply of food is one of the game’s biggest challenges.

When you first start out in The Universim, you only have a single crop you can grow, leaving you to find seeds so that you can unlock new crops in the game.

Each of the crop seeds you find has its different growing times, yields, and other pros and cons, leaving you to search for the best crops that produce the biggest yield and the shortest amount of time.

Finding Crop Seeds in The Universim

While finding new crop seeds in The Universim isn’t too difficult, the game doesn’t offer much in the way of guidance on how to find the seeds, what they look like, and how to unlock them, so you can use the seeds to grow new crops in your farms.

There are several seeds for your farm in The Universim, and not only will they unlock new types of food you can grow for your Nuggets, there are also herb seeds in The Universim to be found too.

To find new crop seeds in The Universim, all you need to do is look around the planet for some plants with fruit on them. Of course, depending on what type of fruit or herb they are, some of the plants might be difficult to identify, while others are brightly colored and very easy to spot.

How to Unlock New Crops for Your Farm

Now that you’ve managed to find the seeds, it’s time to unlock them at your farm so you can start growing new crops for your Nuggets.

Use your telekinesis power on the plant, which will allow you to take the fruit from the plant and move it somewhere else. Simply drop the fruit onto one of your farms and the seed will be unlocked, allowing you to now freely grow that crop whenever you want.

You don’t need to repeat this process every time you want to grow the new crop, once you have the seed, you can grow that particular crop as many times as you want, and from any of your farms.

When you find a new seed, it’s worth clicking on the plant it’s growing on before wasting creator points, as this will tell you which crop is growing on the plant, so you can make sure it’s a new one first.

It’s also worth noting if you find a plant that should bear fruit and unlock new crop seeds but is bare, you can use the Trickle Effect spell to make it rain over the plant, causing it to sprout new crops, which you can then use for your farm to unlock new crops.

If you use telekinesis and the plant doesn’t yet contain any crops, it will remove the entire plant instead.

Crops in The Universim

There is a handful of edible crops you can grow at the farm, with each of their seeds being found in different biomes, as well as them having their own growth time, water requirements, and harvest yield. Here are the food crops you can currently grow in The Universim:

  • Bloodydiarrhea Fruit (Grassland)
  • Crystalline Crabapple (Grassland)
  • Dragon Egg Fruit (Stone)
  • Juicy Acorn (Forest)
  • Panda Brain Plum (Forest)
  • Healthy Malina (Forest)
  • Manbro Fruit (Grassland)

There are also a few herbs you can grow too:

  • Cotton Candy (Stone)
  • Devil’s Lettuce (Grassland)
  • Deadly Seed (Desert)

Of course, this list might expand, as the game gets new updates, and potential DLC content, but for now, at the time of writing these are the current crops you can grow, now all you need to do is get out there and find them.

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