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How to Get Element in Ark: Survival Evolved Lost Island

Wondering how to get element on Ark’s Lost Island map? Element is one of the few resources on Lost Island that you can’t farm naturally. However, there are ways to get Element in Ark that doesn’t require you to go off to different maps.

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Defeat Dinopithecus King for Element

Open book illustration of a creature called Dinopithecus, showing detailed sketches along with written descriptions of its wild and domesticated behavior.

By far the easiest way to get Element in Ark Lost Island is to harvest it from the Dinopithecus King boss. Depending on which level you do the boss fight, you can get up to 330 Element.

  • Gamma: 60
  • Beta: 165
  • Alpha: 330

Farming Element Dust

Tek creatures are hard to come by on the Lost Island map. That of course makes it quite difficult to farm Element Dust. However, the most common Tek creature to spawn appears to be the Tek Stego, mainly around the Green Obelisk area.

If you navigate to 56.3, 53.8, you’ll find plenty of Stegos. Simply kill a Tek Stego then harvest them with the Chainsaw to obtain Element Dust.

Breed Tek Creatures

Another method for farming Element Dust in Ark’s Lost Island is to breed Tek dinos. You can probably guess where I’m going with this, but to clarify, you can breed Tek T-Rex, Stego, Raptor, Parasaur, and Trikes to kill them and then harvest Element Dust.

The amount of Element Dust received has no impact on the dino’s level, so you can breed low-level Tek creatures for the same quantity.

  • Tek Rex: Up to 75 Element Dust
  • Tek Stego: Up to 23 Element Dust
  • Tek Trike: Up to 23 Element Dust
  • Tek Raptor: Up to 30 Element Dust
  • Tek Parasaur: Up to 23 Element Dust

Tek Raptors and Tek Parasaurs take the least amount of time to breed and mature, so to get the most out of farming Element Dust from your Tek creatures in Ark, breed these creatures for a quicker turnaround.

How to Craft Element in Ark

If you go to your Engrams, you’ll notice something called “Unstable Element”, which unlocks at level 58. You’ll need 1,000 Element Dust to create one Unstable Element.

Once the Unstable Element spoils, you’ll receive Element.

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