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How to Get More Creator Points in the Universim

If you’re looking to use your spells in The Universim, you need to use Creator Points, but with many of the spells taking up a ton of points, you can quickly run out. Thankfully, it’s possible to increase how many Creator Points you get per minute, leaving you to case more spells without needing to worry about having enough points.

The Universim is somewhere between a city builder and a god game, and while the city building aspects of it are enough to make it a great game, having the ability to wield god powers make it that much better, but to do so, you first need a healthy supply of Creator Points.

Make Your Nuggets Love You

How your Nuggets view you as a god has a massive impact on how many Creator Points you get per minute in The Universim. So making sure that as many Nuggets as possible love you, is the best way to generate the maximum amount of Creator Points per minute.

The best way to see what your Nuggets think of you is to check in your temple. Make sure the temple is fully staffed, and then take a look at the happiness meter to see how many Creator Points you are currently creating per minute.

If you’re not creating the full amount of Creator Points per minute, there are a few things you can do to speed things up and make your Nuggets love you quicker, thus bringing in more Creator Points.

How to Make Your Nuggets Happy in The Universim

Many of the god powers you use in The Universim can help make Nuggets happier and also encourage more Nuggets to believe in you too. Simply watering your crops with the rain power or healing a sick Nugget will give a small boost of happiness which can help towards your overall Creator Points per minute.

Using the rain power to clean up any pollution in The Universim can have dual positive effects, not only will using the power potentially make more Nuggets believe in you, but it will also remove pollution building up on your planet.

Keeping pollution and crime down to a minimum and meeting your Nuggets needs is another way to make sure that they stay happy, and doing so doesn’t require any Creator Points in the first place. Simply make sure you have a healthy supply chain of food and other supplies, and your Nuggets will be grateful.

Hit Them With a Jolt of Joy

Once you have balanced your resources, and worked on keeping your Nuggets happy by conventional methods, you can take a shortcut to make them happier much quicker, giving you the maximum amount of Creator Points per minute with minimum effort.

The Jolt of Joy power makes your Nuggets happier for 10 minutes and only costs 30 Creator Points. The effect also stacks, meaning you can keep casting it to make sure that your Nuggets keep becoming happier.

If you cast Jolt of Joy a couple of times and then check in at your temple, you will see that the overall happiness and the amount of Creator Points being generated will have increased. Repeat this process until you have hit the maximum amount of points that can be generated per minute.

The main thing to watch out for with this trick is that you don’t accidentally neglect other things that keep your Nuggets happy. It’s easy to keep casting Jolt of Joy in The Universim and just assume everyone is happy, but that’s not always the case.

If there are negative aspects of your civilization impacting your Nuggets happiness, you may find that happiness goes down after Jolt of Joy runs out, so it’s best to use the 10 minute window to try and improve areas that are making Nuggets unhappy.

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