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How to Find Clay in Raft

crafting, building, and exploration. One of the essential resources that many players often seek is clay. Clay is a fundamental material for various advanced crafting recipes, including wet bricks, which eventually become dry bricks. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to find clay in Raft.

1. Equip Yourself Properly

Before you embark on your clay hunting quest, you need to be well-prepared:

  • Oxygen bottle: While not mandatory, having an oxygen bottle will allow you to stay underwater for a more extended period, making your dive for clay more efficient.
  • Flippers: These will enable you to swim faster, useful for evading that ever-persistent shark.
  • Shark bait: If you’re worried about the shark, throwing in shark bait will distract it for a limited time, allowing you to dive in relative peace.

2. Understand Where Clay Can Be Found

Clay in Raft is not found just anywhere in the deep blue sea. Instead, you’ll primarily locate it:

  • Near islands: Dive near the outskirts of islands. Clay, along with sand and other resources, tends to be located on the underwater edges of these islands. If you have an antenna set up, you can use this to help you find new islands.
  • Underwater pits: While swimming around islands, you’ll notice underwater pits or depressions. These are gold mines for resources, including clay.

3. Recognizing Clay

Clay nodes are somewhat round and have a distinct brownish appearance, differentiating them from the nearby stone and sand nodes. Remember:

First-person perspective of a player finding clay in raft.
  • Gather with a hook: Once you’ve found clay, equip your hook and start gathering. It usually takes a couple of swings to collect each node.
  • Inventory space: Ensure you have enough inventory space before diving. Nothing is more frustrating than finding a rich clay node and realizing you can’t carry any more.

4. Processing Clay

Once you’ve collected enough clay:

  • Craft wet bricks: Combine clay with sand to make wet bricks.
  • Let them dry: Place these wet bricks on your raft, and after a while, they will dry out and become dry bricks. These are essential for crafting advanced items like the smelter.

5. Additional Tips

  • Anchor down: Before diving, make sure your raft is anchored. This ensures your raft doesn’t drift away while you’re collecting resources.
  • Night dives: While diving during the day is more comfortable due to better visibility, diving at night can be more peaceful since the shark has reduced visibility. Just ensure you know your way back to the raft!
  • Keep an ear out: While submerged, you’ll be able to hear the shark’s distinctive sounds when it’s near. If you’re not using shark bait, be prepared to make a quick exit.

Finding clay in Raft requires a mix of preparation, strategy, and a bit of bravery as you dive into the depths. With the right equipment and knowledge, you’ll be gathering clay in no time.

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