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How to Breed Pigs in Ranch Simulator

Wondering how to breed pigs in Ranch Simulator? Slaughtering pigs and selling their meat is a great way to earn money quickly in Ranch Simulator. Naturally, the more you have, the more money you’ll make.

The Build Anywhere Update introduced pig breeding to Ranch Simulator. So, if you want to breed pigs, this is how you do it.

Breeding Pigs in Ranch Simulator

Placing a female and a male pig together in Ranch Simulator, you’ll increase your chances of them breeding. The female pig will give birth to piglets, who will then follow the mother around.

After around 5 days, the piglets will grow to full size, allowing you to slaughter and sell them.

It’s recommended to build a barn and put a female and male pig together. The number of piglets that are born can vary and is random. However, having more than one female and male pig in the barn can increase the chances of both females getting pregnant.

Although you can slaughter piglets or a pig when it starts to grow, you won’t get as much meat compared to a full-size pig.

Can You Make Money by Selling Meat?

Yes, you can make money very quickly by selling large quantities of meat in Ranch Simulator. You can also use the meat for several recipes, all of which can help towards making more money.

For example, you can use pork (pig meat) to make boiled sausages which sell for $45. Alternatively, you can make Pork Sausage (Salami) which sells for $60. If you have chickens on your ranch, you can add eggs to your recipes so that they sell for more money.

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