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Game Scent: The New Gaming Accessory That Lets You Smell Your Games

Take gaming immersion to the next level with games you can smell.

Ever wondered what your games smell like? No, me neither, that was until I got an email telling me about the new game accessory, Game Scent that does just that. Now it’s all I can think about, just thinking how much better games like Sons of The Forest would be if my living room actually smelled like a forest has me excited to try it.

Instead of needing any sensors, coding, or anything complicated to work, GameScent simply uses audio cues alongside their innovative AI to deploy scents that match the game you are playing.

Game Scent is currently available on Amazon for $149.99 and comes with six scents included.

There are currently six refillable scents to choose from, and more will be developed and released soon. The scents currently available are:

  • Gunfire
  • Explosion
  • Forest
  • Storm
  • Racing Cars
  • Clean Air

Game Scent also has another four scents coming soon:

  • Blood
  • Ocean
  • Sports Arena
  • Fresh Cut Grass

The clean air scent is used to help clear the air of any smells after a gaming session, so you don’t have to have the smell of gunfire or burning rubber lingering on after you’re done playing.

With Game Scent being a new product, it’s hard to tell if it will become a big hit among gamers, it’s also currently unclear if the company has any plans to expand its range of scents beyond the six already released and the four coming soon.

With the gaming industry facing tumultuous times recently, it’s a breath of fresh air (or whatever scent sprayed last) to see such an innovative, and fun gaming accessory to help gamers become more immersed in their games than ever before.

Thanks to Game Scent using audio cues, it will work with any device, console, or PC. You could even use it while playing VR, offering one of the most immersive gaming experiences yet.


GameScent is the innovative new device that brings you to a new level of gaming immersion by creating scents during key moments of your gaming session.

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05/23/2024 01:37 pm GMT

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