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Euro Truck Simulator 2 Controls to Help Your Driving

If you’ve already played Euro Truck Simulator 2 the chances are you’ve already completed the tutorial and have already made a few deliveries, but did you know there are tons of Euro Truck Simulator controls that the tutorial doesn’t tell you about?

In fact, for a game that is simply about driving, there are a lot more complex controls than you might think. From signaling to using hazard lights, there’s a lot you can do to make the driving experience a lot more realistic when you know all the controls.

Camera Controls

Being in control of a giant truck can be much harder than it sounds, but knowing all the camera controls and the best times to use them can make your journey much smoother.

Just like any driving game, everyone has their own preference as to how they like the camera, thankfully Euro Truck Simulator 2 has multiple angles you can test out.

  • 0 Free Camera
  • 1 Interior Camera
  • 2 Following Camera
  • 3 Vertical Camera
  • 4 Roof Camera
  • 5 Window Rear View Camera
  • 6 Bumper Camera
  • 7 Wheel Front View Camera
  • 8 Exterior Camera
  • 9 Next Camera
  • Numlock+4 Interior camera display
  • Numlock+9 Interior camera display

Have a play around with some of these camera controls in free roam, the next time you take on a job, I guarantee it will be much easier knowing how to get a clearer view of the environment around you.

Truck Controls

  • W Acceleration
  • S Break/Reverse
  • A Turning Left – You can also use the left arrow
  • D Turning Right – You can also use the right arrow
  • SHIFT Gear Up
  • CTRL Gear Down
  • E Start/Turn Off Engine
  • SPACE Handbrake
  • B Engine Breaking
  • [ Left Indicator
  • ] Right Indicator
  • F Hazard Lights
  • L Lights Mode
  • K Main Beam Headlights
  • O Warning Lights
  • H Sound Signal
  • J Light Signal
  • P Windscreen Wipers
  • C Cruise Control
  • I Dashboard Display Mode
  • ENTER Confirm Selection
  • T Connect/Disconnect Trailer
  • R Audio Player/Radio

Most of these controls are not necessary for driving but add a much-needed touch of realism to the game, if you’re new to Truck Simulator I recommend getting used to the basic controls before worrying about windscreen wipers and other minor controls.

Interface Controls

These controls are ones that you should get used to using often, for example pressing F5 will allow you to change the zoom in Route Advisor making it easier to see smaller roads, especially when in cities or towns.

  • F2 Mirrors on / off
  • F3 Switching Route Advisor Modes
  • F4 Light Controls
  • F5 Zoom Route Advisor
  • F6 Navigations
  • F7 Order Information
  • F8 Truck Diagnostics & Damage Reports
  • F9 Route Advisor Information Page
  • F10 Print Screen

Other Truck Simulator 2 Controls

  • M – Map
  • G – Garage
  • ESC – Menu

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