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EA’s WRC Game Brought Down by…Leap Day

Over the years we’ve seen some pretty weird stuff in the world of gaming, from the hilarious ways that developers deal with pirated games, to some of the weirdest in-game bugs you could ever imagine, yet somehow, EA has managed to pull off one of the strangest bugs in gaming history.

Apparently, no one told EA it was a leap year this year, as one of EA’s biggest sporting titles, WRC came crashing down due to the leap day today. While it left many players frustrated, the company was quick to offer guidance for anyone looking to get back into the game as quickly as possible.

EA Help Via Twitter

While it’s certainly one of the weirdest game bugs I’ve ever encountered, thankfully gamers can change the date on their console to March 1, instead of today’s date, which will bypass the issue and let them back into the game.

EA were not able to give any reason as to why leap day might stop WRC from working, however, they did mention that they are investigating the issue and looking for a fix. Although, it feels like simply waiting until tomorrow would probably be a permanent fix.

If you do decide to push your console’s clock forward to fix the issue, just make sure to remember to put the date back a day tomorrow.

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