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Drake Hollow Where to Find Glowstone Shards

We’ve already taken a look at Crystals in Drake Hollow, which are used to increase the age of your Drakes and also help to increase the overall level of your camp, but where do we find Glowstone shards and what are they used for?

Quests can offer Glowstone shards

Right from the start of Drake Hollow, you are bossed around by a so-called Wise Crow, who explains that he is the Hollow’s equivalent of a Familiar.

While it’s not a steady source of Glowstone shards, he does in fact give you some for completing some of the quests he dishes out, but of course, that is a finite resource and will only take you so far.

A wise-looking crow character in a video game scene, giving advice about obtaining materials for crafting.

Houses & Settlements with Glowstone deposits

Thankfully, unlike the Crystals, which you can only get from defeating the Feral’s and their glowing thorns, Glowstone shards are much more common and can be found all over the place, but there are two spots in particular where you are much more likely to be able to run into some Glowstone deposits.

A video game character stands on a shingled roof next to a chimneypot with a cluster of pink crystals.

When you are exploring islands, make sure to check all around the houses and settlements you find, one of the most common spots seems to be on the roofs of buildings, but they are also very common on the ground around the buildings too.

As well as on buildings, it’s very normal to find Glowstone inside of buildings too, so make sure to rummage through buildings inside and out, even if you don’t find Glowstone, you might happen across a better weapon or some juice boxes too.

Forests & Rocks with Glowstone deposits

The next most common area is around forest areas as well as on rocks and cliffs, I seem to find them much more often on the rocks, but then the rock is dull grey color and the Glowstone is bright purple, so it’s a great combination for spotting them.

What are Glowstone Shards for

The main purpose of Glowstone is for crafting Aether Wards, which are used to push away the Aether for a short while, giving you time to move freely from island to island and rescue hibernating Drakes.

Screenshot from a video game showing a character standing in a circular barrier in a mystical landscape with bright, surreal colors.

The Aether Wards cost two Glowstone Shards to create and protect you from the Aether for a duration of 16 seconds, but as they are so cheap to make, simply create a couple and use one after another to make sure you are consistently protected from the Aether, which deals damage over time to you.

Whilst you can travel the Aether, it’s not advisable, as although the damage can be sustained for a short while, Glowstone Shards are so common and Aether wards are cheap, so it makes little sense to leave base without a stack.

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