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Drake Hollow How to Find Crystals & Level up Drakes

Drake Hollow is the latest game from Indie developers The Molasses Flood, creators of The Flame in the Flood. The game features cute little plant-based creatures that you are tasked with helping, but to make the process easier you are required to obtain crystals and level up your Drakes, how do you find the crystals and use them?

First of all, it’s worth noting that there are several types of crystals within the game, each Drake will have its own preference and will only take certain types of crystals that you might find on your journey throughout Drake Hollow.

A character interacts with an infant creature named "Teeet" in a video game, displaying statistics and camp XP increase.

When you interact with a Drake, you will find out some basic information about them, for example, which buff they will give you, what age stage they are at, and which crystals they prefer.

Try and focus on leveling one drake of each crystal variety at a time, that way it will stop you from wasting crystals and get your drakes leveled up much quicker.

If you interact with your Drake, you will either see no available actions, like in the picture above, or an option to give the Drake a crystal, as well as the potential for some other options including getting a gift from your Drake.

How to get Drake Hollow’s Crystals

While it might not be overly obvious how to obtain the crystals at first, thankfully it’s extremely easy to get hold of them, the issue is getting enough to make sure you have the right ones to age up your Drakes.

As you travel from island to island you will come across varying levels of Aether Infestations, the higher the infestation the more thorns and Feral’s you will come across, which is great as it means more opportunity to farm crystals.

A character discovering the location "Cascade Hills" in a video game, with surrounding green grass, rocks, trees, and a purple sky. HUD elements indicate health, resources, and game controls.

When you go to an infested island, you will see not only the feral beast roaming, but also thorn bushes, much like the ones all over the game, but these ones, in particular, will have a red glow, which will make them stand out from the rest and easy to spot.

Destroy each one of them you come across, not only will this open up the island for a supply truck route, but you also have a good chance of getting a crystal for each one you destroy.

A screenshot from a video game showing a white character with long hair walking on a path surrounded by green grass and pink flowers. Black tentacle-like structures emerge from the ground, and in the background, there is a body of water with similar structures. The HUD displays a notification text saying "E Malachite Shard."

Not only do you have a chance of getting the Drake Hollow crystals from taking out all the Aether infestation thorns, but you also get a chance from every single Feral you kill as well.

By going to an infested island with more ferals you have a much higher chance of coming home with more crystals as you would be gathering crystals from both Ferals and thorns.

Once you have the crystals in your inventory, make sure to get them back and give them to your Drake to make them age up, this will increase the overall buff percentage they give you as well as increasing your camp level, which will not only open up more building schematics but also increase your health too.

If you are looking to get crystals to level up your Drakes for the mission to increase the camp level to 4 there is a better way, by simply finding Drakes on the map you will increase your camp level by completing that quest much quicker.

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