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Does Evil Dead The Game Have Single Player

The wait is now over for fans of the Evil Dead franchise, Evil Dead: The Game is now out, but many are wondering if the game features a single player mode or campaign.

To get straight to the point, yes, Evil Dead The Game does have a single player mode, but it’s not enough to justify buying the game if you only want to play it in single player.

If you are thinking about buying Evil Dead The Game, there are a couple of things to take in to consideration, firstly the game needs a constant internet connection to play, for most people this wont be an issue, unless you are playing on console and do not have a PS Plus or Xbox Live subscription.

The second thing to consider is that the game is primarily an asymmetrical multiplayer game, similar to Dead by Daylight, so the single player aspect of Evil Dead The Game was not the primary focus for the developers.

Evil Dead The Game Single Player

When you launch Evil Dead The Game, you will see missions, these are the single player missions, in-fact, they cannot be played in co-op at all, not even with a friend.

Evil Dead Game Modes

In total there are five Evil Dead The Game single player missions to enjoy, each of these represent a different part of the story from the Evil Dead movie and TV franchise.

Although there is a sixth Evil Dead The Game single player mission listed as coming soon, and hopefully we can see this list expand with new missions as DLC for the game are released.

The five Evil Dead The Game single player missions currently playable are:

  • If you love someone, set them free… With a chainsaw
  • Party Down: Till the wheels fall off
  • Kill ’em all
  • It’s not gonna let us go!
  • Homecoming King
Single player missions in Evil Dead the Game

Just like the multiplayer games in Evil Dead The Game, the single player missions do not last very long, around 30 minutes at most, but even though they are short, they are a clearly well throughout and welcomed addition to the game.

They offer a fun and interesting way to get to know the game and the games mechanics beyond what the tutorial offers, and a great way to practice your aim without other players in the way.

Screenshot of Evil Dead The Game

Do I Need to Play the Single Player Mode?

For those of you who prefer to jump straight into the action, you might be wondering if you have to play the single player mode, and while you can avoid the single player missions, they do offer some rewards for completing.

Each mission offers rewards such as Knowby recordings, outfits and even new playable character’s that you can use in the main game.

Evil Dead: The Game FAQs

Can Evil Dead: The Game be played offline?

No, Evil Dead: The Game cannot be played offline. At the moment there is no way to play Evil Dead: The Game offline, if you launch the game without an active internet connection, you will not even be able to get past the splash screen.

Does the new Evil Dead game have a campaign?

It has small missions that are played as a single player campaign of sorts, completing these missions will reward you with new playable characters or outfits.

Does Evil Dead: The Game have bots?

Yes, Evil Dead: The Game has bots. You can choose to play Evil Dead: The Game with AI, or even play with friends and an AI demon.

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