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The Best 7 Days To Die Mods

7 Days To Die has been in early access for what seems like forever. While it’s still heavily being worked on, the best 7 Days To Die mods can make the game even better.

As one of the most popular games on Steam, 7 Days to Die has a large modding community. What does that mean for players like us? Well, there’s plenty of 7DTD mods to explore to make the game more interesting.

How to Install 7 Days To Die Mods

  1. Download your favorite 7 Days To Die mods
  2. Open Steam > Select 7 Days To Die from your library
  3. Right click on 7 Days To Die and select Properties
  4. Navigate to Local Files > Browse Local Files
  5. Locate the Mods folder (if there isn’t one, create one)
  6. Extract the downloaded mod files
  7. Move the ModInfo.xml files into the Mods folder
  8. Start 7 Days To Die

1. SMX – By Sirillion

Silhouettes of zombies with glowing eyes against a dark background, centered around a large red '7' and the text 'SMX' in white.

Choose this 7 Days To Die mod if you’re looking for a complete UI overhaul. The menu, in-game HUD, and overall UI give off a more horror-like vibe, making 7DTD even creepier than it already is.

Video game interface showing the forge section with resources, instructions for inspecting and moving items, inventory slots, and various items.

The new UI doesn’t just look different, it behaves differently too. It allows you to find items and necessary actions quicker, along with easier inventory navigation.

Download: SMX 7 Days To Die Mod

2. War Of The Walkers

A silhouette of a person holding a weapon stands in the doorway of a cabin in the woods, surrounded by zombies.

If you’re getting bored of vanilla 7 Days To Die, the War Of The Walkers mod is a fantastic overhaul 7DTD mod. There’s also a load of new gameplay mechanics, including:

  • New farming (wheat and apple crops)
  • New schematics
  • Buggs
  • Fishing
  • Ores
  • Magazines
  • Immunity
  • Biomes

While this mod hasn’t been updated for some time now, it is still one of the most popular 7 Days To Die mods around with over 29,000 downloads.

Download: War Of The Walkers

3. Zombie Loot Drop Increase A19

Pile of yellow loot bags with "ZOMBIE LOOT DROP WAREHOUSE" written in red graffiti on a dark, brick wall background.

You can customize this 7 Days To Die mod by adjusting the percentage chance zombies will drop loot. Players can choose between 10%, 15%, 20%, and 25%, a worthy increase from the vanilla 2%.

The Zombie Loot Drop Increase A19 mod is compatible with the latest 7DTD A19.

Download: Zombie Loot Drop Increase A19

4. Bigger Backpack

Game interface showing crafting and inventory windows with item details and instructions, surrounded by a brown-toned, outdoor environment.

Tired of having to empty your inventory on a loot run in 7 Days To Die? One of the best 7DTD mods for increasing your inventory space is Bigger Backpack.

It upgrades the original 45 slots to 78 slots meaning you’ll be able to carry a lot more around with you.

That’s not all; the Pack Mule perk has been carefully adjusted to unlock the correct number of slots, as well as backpack drops on death.

Download: Bigger Backpack

5. Every Day Restock

Trader inventory screen from a video game showing a list of items available for purchase along with their quantities, quality, and cost.

While the traders in 7 Days To Die are useful, it does get quite annoying when they have the same stock. Making a trip to the trader to find out the same weapons and tools are there makes things admittedly less fun.

The Every Day Restock mod for 7 Days To Die means the trader can be restocked… well, you guessed it, every day! The mod is compatible with 7 Days To Die A19.

Download: Every Day Restock

6. 30K Stacks

Grid of various items, each labeled with a value of 30000, including scissors, brass knuckles, a toaster, a cushion, and miscellaneous tools and objects.

All hail one of the best 7 Days To Die mods around! 30K Stacks allows players to stack most items and blocks up to 30,000. There are some items that are hardcoded which means they cannot exceed the standard 500 stacks, but many of them can.

This makes playing 7DTD so much easier, allowing you to carry a lot more around in your inventory. This is especially useful if you’re working on a building project. Combine this with the Bigger Backpack mod, and you’ll never need to empty your backpack again.

Download: 30K Stacks

7. More Skill Points Per Level

Skill Injector window details in a gaming interface, showing instructions on how to use a Skill Injector to gain 400,000 unallocated skill points.

Gaining 1 skill point in 7 Days To Die each time you level up can be a little depressing. After working hard on looting or building, it almost doesn’t feel like a fair reward.

The More Skill Points Per Level mod for 7 Days To Die means you can get between 2-10 skill points per level. You can choose this number for your own server by selecting the correct file when downloading this mod.

Download: More Skill Points Per Level

8. Firearms Expansion 4

Video game inventory screen with a variety of weapons and items in a storage box, including pistols, rifles, and ammunition. Text instructions for item management are displayed.

weapons to the game.

These weapons are compatible with the in-game ammunition, mods, and perks that already exist in vanilla 7DTD. Some of the new weapons include:

  • Colt38
  • VZ61 Skorpion
  • Winchester
  • M1 Garand
  • M16
  • M240

This mod seems to be updated fairly regularly and has plenty of community interaction.

Download: Firearms Expansion 4

9. Bdub’s Vehicles (A19)

A lineup of vintage military jeeps in various colors, including red, orange, black, green, blue, and purple, shown from both front and rear views.

Fancy experiencing some different vehicles in 7DTD? Bdub’s Vehicles (A19) introduces over 20 new vehicles to the game, with care and attention taken to ensure they compare to vanilla.

From Box Trucks to Golf Carts, UAZ 452 to Hot Rods, there’s a whole host of vehicles for you to explore in this 7DTD mod. Included with this mod is a mechanic trader, allowing you to purchase vehicles. Just like the normal traders, the mechanic trader in 7 Days To Die is protected.

Download: Bdub’s Vehicles (A19)

10. Hit bar – health bar Alpha 19

A video game scene showing a zombie approaching the player character on a cracked road surrounded by trees and a damaged car. Gaming interface elements and health bars are visible.

One of the simplest 7 Days To Die mods is Hit bar – health bar Alpha 19. It works with the latest release of A19 and displays zombies’ health using a visual UI bar.

Download: Hit bar – health bar Alpha 19

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