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How to Use Tek Armor in Ark: Survival Evolved

If you’ve played Ark, chances are you’re already aware that there are a lot of mechanics and controls to get used to. With an ever-expanding list of creatures to master, and Tek gear that can take some getting used to, there’s a lot to learn when it comes to playing Ark.

Even the most veteran players will still have aspects of the game they are yet to learn. Tek armor is one of the end-game item sets in Ark, but how do you use Ark’s Tek armor?

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As there are now two variants of the Tek armor in Ark, how to get the armor and what you can do with it, depends on which map you are playing on.

Using Tek Armor in Ark Genesis 2

If you’ve started playing Ark Genesis 2, you may be pleased to know that your character will start with full Tek armor.

That means you won’t have to unlock any engrams to use Tek Armor. For those who aren’t keen on the Tek Armor or Tek Armor controls in Ark, you can remove it at any time.

How to Unlock Ark Tek Armor

If you’re playing Ark Genesis 1 or earlier, you’ll need to unlock Tek Armor to use it. Not only will you need to meet the minimum level requirements, you will also need to make sure to defeat the right bosses in order to unlock the engrams,

Five images of a futuristic armored character shown from different angles, including a close-up of the helmet, side, three-quarter, front, and back views. The armor is metallic with blue accents.

Before we can craft the Tek armor we must first unlock the engram, you might be thinking about getting another tribe or friend to craft Tek gear for you, but it won’t work, you need to have unlocked the engram or the Tek armor won’t work for you.

You might also try moving the Tek armor from Genesis 2 onto another map, sadly this won’t work either.

 Tek Boots Broodmother Lysrix (Beta) Rockwell (Beta) Desert Titan Beta Moeder, Master of the Ocean
 Tek Chestpiece Dragon (Alpha) Rockwell (Beta) Ice Titan Alpha Corrupted Master Controller Crystal Wyvern Queen (Alpha)
 Tek Gauntlets Megapithecus (Gamma) Manticore (Gamma) Rockwell (Gamma) Forest Titan Beta Moeder, Master of the Ocean Crystal Wyvern Queen (Gamma)
 Tek Helmet Broodmother Lysrix (Alpha) Rockwell (Beta) Ice Titan Beta Moeder, Master of the Ocean
 Tek Leggings Dragon (Gamma) Manticore (Gamma) Rockwell (Gamma) Forest Titan Beta Corrupted Master Controller Crystal Wyvern Queen (Gamma)

Once you unlock an engram you can use the Tek piece that is unlocked with it, you do not need to wait to unlock them all.

How to use the Tek Boots

To use the Ark Tek boots you must have element. This is an end-game resource that can be gathered from killing bosses, or mining element dust which can then be converted into element, or if you are extremely lucky you can tame a Gacha with element dust production, but this is extremely rare.

Drag and drop a piece of element into the boots via your inventory, which will then power up the boots, if the element runs out, it will simply take another piece of element from your inventory to keep them powered. Make sure you have enough element on you at all times, or things could end badly.

What do the Tek Boots do?

Unlike many of the other Ark Tek gear, the boots don’t have active controls, they are activated when and if needed. They must be maintained with element to keep running.

  • 10% Increased speed while wearing active Tek boots
  • 10% Increased damage
  • Absorbs all fall damage
  • Mountain climbing when powered

The main two benefits to the Tek boots in Ark are the ability to fall from greater distances without taking damage, which during ariel fights is a massive bonus. The other main benefit is the ability to walk up mountains, which when farming with a mining drill is incredibly handy.

The element boots are also a lifesaver in PVP Ark servers, as they can more often than not save your life when you are shot off your mount.

How to use the Tek Chestpiece

The Ark Tek chest piece is one of the coolest pieces of armor in the entire game, although as much as I love it and have become unable to play without it now, I do feel somewhat concerned that it is almost too OP.

Just like the other Tek armor, the Tek chest piece must be powered with element, so again make sure to drag and drop some element into the armor. Once you’ve used the first bit of element more will automatically be added until your element supply in your inventory is depleted.

The Tek chest piece doesn’t use the element too quickly, so as long as you have a couple on you at all times you shouldn’t need to worry about running it too quickly.

Ark Tek Armor Controls

  • Hold the spacebar to start using the Tek chestpiece as a jetpack, which will propel you into the air.
  • Double tap the spacebar to have a massive blast from the jetpack sending you soaring into the sky.
  • Hold shift to hover on the spot, this particular setting is great for base building and scouting.

What does the Tek Chestpiece do?

The Ark Tek chest piece acts as a jetpack with multiple features, while it does use endgame element to run, it doesn’t drain very quickly, making it a very overpowered piece of armor.

The chest piece has plenty of uses for raiding, farming, and PVP as well as base building. I often use mine to make doorways into my base from the top floor and then build down, which makes raiding my base even harder, players then must get to the top for all my good stuff, while I simply fly up to the door.

  • 10% Speed increase
  • 10% Damage increase
  • -20% Fall damage

How to use the Tek Gauntlets

The Tek gauntlets are a straightforward item, offering the user the wearer a super punch attack which offers base damage of 40 but also scales with the user’s melee damage stat.

As before, they use element to be powered up, while you might think that you don’t use melee often enough to waste element, it’s worth noting that if you want the bonus stats from having the gauntlets you will need to make sure they are powered or none of the bonus stats will be applied.

What does the Tek Gauntlets do?

The Tek gauntlets do a super punch which players can activate by holding down the right mouse button and waiting for the attack to charge.

You can also use the Tek Gauntlets in Ark for farming resources like wood, although if you have the Tek Gauntlets, chances are you already have dinosaurs that can do this better, so there is not much point in using them for this ability.

  • 10% Speed Increase
  • 10% Damage Increase
  • -20% Fall damage

How to use the Tek Helmet

The Ark Tek Helmet is one seriously cool bit of gear, it has the ability to cycle between different views enabling users to target hostile players and creatures even through walls and buildings. You can tell the difference between friends and foes based on the colors too.

As well as having cool vision modes such as night vision, which can also help visibility during underwater expeditions, it also acts as a gas mask, keeping the wearer safe in areas with dangerous gasses.

To cycle between the visions press and double tap E, and to turn it on or off hold E, as of the latest update they have now fixed an issue where holding E to access the wheel of a building no longer switches your helmets off / on, that issue was such a pain.

What do the Tek Gauntlets do?

Holding the right mouse button down while wearing Tek Gauntlets lets the player perform a super punch that has a base damage of 450. You can also use the super punch while facing upwards to get into the sky quickly, which is great for escaping situations that could otherwise prove fatal.

  • 10% Speed increase
  • 10% Damage increase
  • -20% Fall damage

How to use the Tek Leggings

The Tek Leggings are another cool item in Ark, essentially, they turn you into Flash from DC comics, okay, maybe not that good, but still pretty quick.

They also allow the wearer to continue moving slowly when they are black-boxed, meaning it’s possible to farm even more items than before, they can also be a great way of moving entire bases quicker as you will be able to carry more to your transportation.

What do the Tek Leggings do?

By holding down control superspeed mode is enabled allowing users to run much faster than before, not only can you run super fast, but you can also go straight across the water and through rocks and trees, destroying anything in your path.

If a player is carrying too much Holding down control will allow them to continue walking slowly, when they should not be able to move.

  • 10% Damage speed increase
  • 10% Speed increase (When powered, without superspeed enabled)
  • -20% Fall damage


So, for those who think that Ark Tek gear isn’t overpowered, to summarise, with the full set of powered-up Tek gear we can run at superspeed, across the water. You can also fly through objects, fly and hover, and see-through buildings in both day and nighttime.

If that wasn’t enough, Tek Armor allows you to do a super punch and fall from any distance without taking damage, oh and run up mount Everest without breaking a sweat, yeah not OP at all?

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