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Ark: Survival Evolved How To Tame An Astrodelphis

Ark’s latest update, Genesis 2 added some awesome new creatures to the game, but one of the more interesting of these creatures is the space dolphin, the Astrodelphis, but how do you tame an Astrodelphis?


  • Find and seclude an Astrodelphis to tame
  • Press E to pet the Astrodelphis
  • Press E to feed the Astrodelphis element
  • Follow the Astrodelphis and repeat the process until tamed
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How To Tame An Astrodelphis

The Astrodelphis is a passive tame, meaning you do not need to knock it out to tame it, instead, you simply have to hand-feed it element in order to tame them.

Once you have identified which Astrodelphis you would like to tame, you will want to separate it from its pod, you can do this with a net gun, by netting the other Astrodelphis and kiting the one you plan to tame away, or by simply bringing a gun and killing the others.

Once you have the Astrodelphis by itself, you will want to approach the side of it, not the front as it will bite and knock you back. From its side you will have an option to pet the Astrodelphis, you will need to do this a couple of times to keep it calm.

Once the Astrodelphis is calm, you will have an option to feed it element, as with other passive tames, this must be in the last slot in your hot bar to work. The Astrodelphis will then speed off, so you will need to use your jetpack to keep up and wait for it to slow down again.

Once the Astrodelphis has slowed down, simply rinse and repeat this process until you have fully tamed the Astrodelphis.

You will need to make sure you are armed, as when the Astrodelphis flies off, there is a chance you may run into Seekers or Voidwyrms, you will need to be prepared to fight or run.

Screenshot from the game ARK: Survival Evolved showing a player near a large, colorful sea creature named Tusoteuthis with the taming progress at 92.6%.
Astrodelphis takes more than 1 element per feed, so bring plenty

The Astrodelphis isn’t hard to tame. With the new Starwing saddle, it makes for an incredibly valuable creature. On PVP servers you can leverage its super-speed and strong attacks in starfighter mode.

Finally, you will want to make sure to check the time before taming an Astrodelphis, as the ship will go into hyperspeed at midnight, which will mean you will lose your tame. Make sure you have plenty of time before starting, if you’re not sure, then just wait till morning to be safe.

Ark Astrodelphis Tips

Now you know how to tame an Astrodelphis, there are a few tips and tricks that can make it even easier.

Trapped Astrodelphis Are Easier To Tame

There are several asteroids in the space biome, if you are close enough to one that you can guide the Astrodelphis to them, try and trap it into one, this way, all you will need to do is stay by the side of the Astrodelphis and spam E.

A close-up view of a green and red scaled creature with game interface details in the center.
Astrodelphis trapped in an asteroid

Wear Tek Armor

There are a couple of things to be aware of when taming an Astrodelphis, firstly, make sure that you wear the standard Tek armor from Genesis 2 when taming an Astrodelphis, as you will need this to fly around in the space biome.

Without the Tek armor, you won’t be able to use the jetpack and will not be able to fly through space and keep up with the Astrodelphis.

Where Are Astrodelphis Found?

To Tame An Astrodelphis you will need to head on over to the space biome, which is found in the middle of the ship, between the Eden and Rockwell sides of the ship.

There are multiple entrances to the space biome, which you can get to from both the Rockwell and Eden sides of the ship, each day, the resources change in the space biome too, so you might also be able to do some farming while you are there.

Always Approach Astrodelphis From The Side

Astrodelphis might be a passive tame, but they will still hit you if you get too close to their mouths, that being said, this hit doesn’t really do much damage, but when you’re trying to tame, the last thing you want is a dolphin playing space tennis with your body.

A green and orange aquatic creature swimming underwater in a futuristic environment with bubbles and metallic structures.
Keeping away from the Astrodelphis’s mouth stops it from attacking you

How Do You Make An Astrodelphis Saddle?

To make the Starwing saddle for your Astrodelphis tame, you will need to be level 120, which might be a bit disheartening to new players of Ark, but not to worry, you do not need to have unlocked the saddle to use them, so simply put out a trade request in chat, and see if someone will make you a saddle.

A futuristic aircraft flies under a large, elevated structure with a scenic mountainous landscape in the background.

It’s worth trading or grinding for the saddle though, once you have one, you won’t regret it, the Astrodelphis are super quick and great in PVP combat.

If you are already level 120 you will unlock the saddle once you have tamed Astrodelphis, you will then be able to craft the Starwing saddle in the Tek Replicator.

Use The Tame Tracker

As the Astrodelphis will fly away between feeds, it’s best to use the tame tracker to keep watch of where the Astrodelphis goes, this will reduce the chances of you losing track of where it has gone.

A green, neon-like creature swimming in a clear, enclosed water tunnel in a futuristic setting.

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