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Ark: Survival Evolved Genesis 2 Black Pearls Guide

If you’re wondering where to find Black Pearls in Ark Genesis 2, you’ve come to the right place. This guide will cover all of the known and best methods for finding Black Pearls and their locations.

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We’re going to keep things really simple and highlight the best locations in Ark Genesis 2. If you’re heading over to the Space Biome, there will also be plenty of other resources to check out, including farming oil.

A map divided into two sections with various markings. The left section has a network of purple lines, while the right section shows blue patches. In the center, numerous pink dots are clustered around the 50-50 grid intersection.

If you don’t have much time, here’s a quick overview of where to find Black Pearls in Ark Genesis Part 2:

  1. Space Biome
  2. Carniflora

How to Find Black Pearls in Space Biome

Note: The resources in the Space Biome change. At midnight every day, the Space Biome will contain different resources.

A first-person view of a person holding a digital device with a screen in a green, alien-like environment with rocky formations and floating objects.

You’ll need to make your way to the Space Biome via the bridge. You can find this at the following coordinates: 50.5, 57.5. Head through the structure and land on the rock plateaus where you’ll notice some pearlescent balls – these are Black Pearls.

A detailed close-up of a crocodile with its eyes partially closed.

Official rates will net you 1x Black Pearl from each one. However, there are Black Pearls scattered across this entire area, so stocking up won’t be too difficult.

Floating black rock formations in a purple-hued chamber with metallic platforms on the right side.

Rockwell’s ship does move through space, so you’ll find different types of rocks as you go through. The black rocks don’t contain Black Pearls.

How to Farm Black Pearls from Carniflora

You can also farm Black Pearls from Carniflora in Ark Genesis 2. You’ll need to find the Carniflora that are not alive.

One of the locations that contain a lot of Carniflora in Ark Genesis 2 is located at 38.6, 34.6. Simply use your Pickaxe to harvest the Carniflora which will eventually give you some Black Pearls.

A futuristic landscape featuring a body of water, alien plants with a mix of red and blue hues, and advanced structures like elevated pathways and a large building in the background. A spacecraft emitting blue light is seen flying on the right side.

Not too far from the previous location, you’ll find more Carniflora at 38.1, 34.6. You’ll be able to tell the difference between living and dead Carniflora by how they move – moving Carniflora will definitely want to kill you, and won’t give you any Black Pearls.

Alternative Ark Genesis 2 Black Pearl Locations

You can farm many resources in Ark Genesis 2 including Element Dust, Mutagen, Oil, and Black Pearls. Located in the Mid Zone between two biomes, head over to 46, 44 where you’ll find another entrance to the Space Biome.

Remember, the biomes change at midnight every day, so depending on the server you play on and their rates, this could be 1 hour, 4 hours, or more.

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