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How to Use the Tropeognathus in Ark: Survival Evolved

If you’re looking for a flyer in Ark that can not only get you around the map quickly but can also hold its own in a fight, the Tropeognathus might just be one of the best options. But with it being one of the more complex flyers in Ark, learning how to use the Tropeognathus can be complicated for some.

The Tropeognathus can fly vertically, strafe, launch grenades and so much more. But with all these awesome features, there are tons of controls to master.

Tropeognathus Controls:

These controls are specifically for PC and are based on the default keybindings when the game is first installed. If you’ve changed any of your controls, you will need to have a look at your keybindings to see what you have changed.

  • Fly vertically up: X
  • Fly vertically down: C
  • Strafe Left: A
  • Strafe Right: D
  • Activate Jet: Control (CTRL)
  • Drafting: Hold the space bar (icon must be showing)
  • Knockback: Double-tap space
  • Jet Boost: Shift while jet is activated
  • Fire Grenades: Whilst the jet is active click the left mouse button
  • Swoop: With the jet boost active fly up, then fly down, similar to the Griffin’s swoop, but with a jet engine!
  • Bite: Left click without jet active
  • Evasive maneuver: Press C whilst using jet boost

While the Tropeo in Ark: Survival Evolved works the same for PC and console players, the controls are obviously different if you are playing Ark on a PlayStation or Xbox.

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What Can you Do With the Tropeo

Now you know how to use the Tropeognathus, what can you do with it? Well from my experience, the question is, what can’t you do with it? It’s a super-speed, strong creature that not only has a jet pack but also a tech suit if you’ve got the right tech engrams unlocked.

Not only can you use it to fly quickly around the map at super speed, but you can use the Tropeognathus as a mobile grinder too by placing items within its inventory.

To use many of the mechanics of the Tropeognathus, you need to ensure that it has enough gasoline, if you don’t have enough, you can easily make some gasoline. Or if you’re using the tech suite, you will need to make sure that you have enough Element instead. And if you plan to raid, make sure to keep some grenades in its inventory.

The Tropeognathus can also use its grenades to damage metal structures, which makes it a great flyer to take with you on raids, and thanks to the jet pack, if you need to flee quickly, you can.

As well as it being great for raiding, I have personally found it very useful for farming metal, using the jet pack to get from metal nodes to base at super speed is very handy.

Breed a weight Tropeo and go out farming metal with a mining drill, the speed you can get to and from your base outweighs the fact other creatures have better weight capacity in my experience.

I have also found they have now become my go-to flyer for getting to drops before anyone else, with the extra speed boost you get from holding shift, I seem to be able to cover most maps in almost no time, and you can simply grind all the trash you don’t want from the drops, without needing to head back to your base.

How to Tame the Tropeognathus

Taming the Tropeognathus is fairly simple, and just requires some chain bola’s and taming food. You can use dinosaur gates to make a trap, to keep the Tropeognathus in place.

Chain bola the Tropeognathus to the ground, and surround it with dinosaur gateways, with gates, leaving just a small gap between them, enough for you to access, but not enough for the Tropeognathus to escape. You will also want to put a couple of ceilings on the top of them too, so the Tropeognathus can’t fly out of the trap.

Now that you have the Tropeognathus you want to feed it kibble, it’s a passive tame, so make sure to hit it with the bola again, feed it kibble, and then back away. You might need to bola the Tropeognathus a couple of times before it is tamed.

Tropeognathus FAQs

Is the Tropeognathus a passive tame?

Unlike many other flying creatures in Ark, the Tropeognathus is a passive tame, and can be tamed by non-violent means.

Can you ride a Tropeognathus without a saddle?

Yes you can, although in doing so, you will miss out on many of the features, including the boosted speed. A Tropeognathus without a saddle is not much of an impressive flyer, but with a saddle, they can dominate the skies.

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