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Ark: Survival Evolved Genesis 2 Missions

Ark Genesis 2 (Genesis: Part 2) contains various missions which can be completed individually or as a group. Each mission in Ark Genesis 2 has a difficulty rating – Alpha, Beta, and Gamma.

A screenshot from a video game showing a mission selection screen with various options such as "Bulbdog Fetch" and "Choose Your Own Adventure" with details about mission requirements, rewards, and effects.

Some of the missions let you bring a tamed creature, whereas others will provide you with a high-level creature. If the mission you embark on doesn’t allow creatures, they will get left behind.

You can repeat missions in Genesis 2 as many times as you like.

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To start a mission, you’ll need to do this near Eden or Rockwell Garden Mission Terminal.

Vibrant video game landscape showing a character riding a mount near a sparkling portal marked with a blue exclamation point, surrounded by lush greenery and colorful trees.

Every mission in Ark Genesis 2 (except for Hunt) is set in a simulation, rather than the Ark game map.

Ark Genesis 2 Mission Types

There are several different mission types you can complete. Here’s an overview of all the mission types you will encounter in Ark Genesis part 2.


During a Hunt mission, you’ll need to follow tracks on the ground. Once you’ve followed the tracks, you’ll encounter Brute Creatures which you’ll need to defeat.

Each creature is marked with a dino skull combined with two swords.


Gauntlet is an arena-style mission that requires you to survive 5 rounds. Zone-specific dinos will spawn, meaning you’ll need to defeat them to move on to the next round.

While you can’t use any of your own weapons or dinos, you will be provided with spawned weapons.

Gauntlet missions on Gamma difficulty provide unlimited weapon ammo, marked with a three-dino skull symbol.


As the name suggests, Race missions require you to move as fast as you can while riding on a high-level dino. A dino will be given to you for the mission, marked with a flag symbol.


This mainframe simulation has a dungeon-esque feel to it, located in the Genesis ship. You’ll be required to clear twisted amalgamations and corrupted VR creatures.

In the Dungeon missions you can bring any armor and weapons you have, as well as 1 creature per survivor.

Ark Genesis 2 Missions List

  • Bulbdog Fetch (1-5)
  • Choose Your Own Adventure (1-5)
  • Circuit Chase (1-5)
  • Code Red (1-5)
  • Downriver Run (1-5)
  • Ferox Cull (1-5)
  • Life Support (1-5)
  • Maywing Poach (1-5)
  • Paracer Roundup (1-5)
  • Shadowmane Prowl (1-5)
  • Slide and Glide (1-5)
  • Slipstream Sweep (1-5)
  • Star Dolphin (1-4)
  • Starwing Strike (1-5)
  • Survive The Ark (1-5)
  • Team Downriver Run (1-3)
  • Velonosaur Stalk (1-5)

Ark Genesis Part 2 Missions FAQs

How many missions are in Ark Genesis Part 2?

There are currently 17 available missions that you can take part in. 15 of these missions are open to 1-5 players, with Star Dolphin open to 1-4 players, and Team Downriver Run open to 1-3 players.

How many mission types are there in Ark Genesis 2?

There are four different mission types in Ark Genesis Part 2: Hunt, Gauntlet, Race, and Dungeon.

Is Ark Genesis Part 2 free?

If you have purchased the Genesis Season Pass, you can download Genesis Part 2 for free. Genesis Part 2 is the fifth and final paid DLC for Ark: Survival Evolved and is available to purchase for $34.99.

Is Ark Genesis Part 2 out?

Yes! Ark Genesis Part 2 is now available to play on Steam, Epic Games Store, Xbox One, Playstation 4, and has been optimized for Xbox Series X/S.

Is Ark Genesis the last DLC?

At the moment, Ark Genesis Part 2 is the final paid DLC for Ark: Survival Evolved. With the development of Ark 2, it’s unlikely there will be any more imminent DLCs for Ark.

Is Ark Genesis Part 2 any good?

Yes! While Ark Genesis Part 1 seemingly split the Ark community with a love/hate relationship, Ark Genesis Part 2 has turned the tables. Ark Genesis Part 2 revisits some of Ark: Survival Evolved roots and offers a perfect balance between original dinos and futuristic gear.

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