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How to Get the Mini Bike in 7 Days to Die

If you have played 7 Days to Die chances are you already know how valuable transportation can be, and the 7 Days to Die Mini Bike is the crown jewel of transportation.

There are other ways to get around the map, such as the push bike or the newer Gyrocopter, which for the first time in 7 Days to Die allows you to fly, safely out of reach of zombies, at the expense of a lot of fuel.

The Mini Bike doesn’t take as much fuel to run, but on the down side, it’s much weaker, and I’ve lost some before to simply hitting a bump in the road.

Miniature model of a custom motorized tricycle with an exposed engine and a rustic design.

How to get the 7DTD Mini Bike Recipe

Before crafting the Mini Bike you will first need to obtain the recipe to do so, this will require you obtaining books with each of the parts, each recipe you get brings you a little closer to obtaining the mini bike.

The best option is to head over to the biggest town you can find, or a couple of town and look for some crack a books and high schools, these are the best places to find recipes and more often that not contain a fair few books for you to get new skills.

When you get to a Crack a book, check out the stockrooms at the back of the shop, more often than not they have some good boxes to break down, sometimes they even have some working stiff crates and shotgun messiah boxes, which is a good bonus.

Some of the parts for the Mini Bike can be found out and about pre-made when looting, but make sure to keep an eye on the quality, the higher quality parts mean you go faster, retain more gas and have more durability, so it’s worth holding out for quality parts.

If you can’t find good quality parts, it’s not the end of the world, you can remove parts and upgrade them, so simply make it with basic parts and come back to it later with better ones.

How to Craft the Mini Bike in 7 Days to Die

Now that you have the recipe it’s time to craft the Mini Bike, start by building the Mini Bike chassis once that’s built place it down on the ground.

Now you want to make the rest of the Mini Bike parts, which you have found the recipes for, once you have them all, go to the bike and hold E this will bring up a radial menu allowing you to access the inventory and put the parts into the chassis.

If you have found any better parts on your travels, use them instead of crafting the parts. Once you have built the bike the controls are the same as any other vehicle in 7 Days to Die, but you can also hold F to turn on the headlight and press X to honk the horn.

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