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How to Use 7 Days to Die Land Claim Blocks

When you start a new game in 7 Days to Die, you will have a Land Claim Block in your inventory. But what does the 7 Days to Die Land Claim Block do? Does it have a purpose? Can you just drop it on the floor and pretend it never existed?

When the Land Claim Block was first introduced in 7 Days to Die, it would protect a 7×7 area when placed. This was especially useful in PvP. But now we’re on Alpha 21, the Land Claim Block has a slightly different purpose that you might not have been aware of.

What is a Land Claim Block?

The Land Claim Block (LCB) in 7 Days to Die provides additional protection in a 41×41 area. This is the default setting, but it can be adjusted in the server settings.

The Land Claim Block acts the same in multiplayer and single-player, allowing you to pick up the Workbench, and any electrical devices in the area. This includes items like relays, switches, motion sensors, and so on.

Picking up Objects in a Land Claim Block Area

The player who placed the Land Claim Block in 7 Days to Die will be able to press E (PC) when facing the object. This will allow them to pick up and take the object. This is especially useful if you want to move your base throughout the game.

Point of Interest Zombies

As well as offering protection and the ability to pick up certain objects, the Land Claim Block also prevents all Point of Interest Zombies (buildings, houses, parks, garages, stores, landmarks) from respawning.

For example, if you cleared a house in 7 Days to Die and wanted to build your base there, you could place your Land Claim Block in the area and no zombies would respawn.

Note: The Land Claim Block doesn’t stop open-world or horde zombies from spawning.

Protection Zone

Once placed, the Land Claim Block creates a protection zone. This can be adjusted in the server settings, but by default, it’s set as 41×41. Blocks placed within the protection zone will receive the durability multiplier; the damage multiplier by default is set to 4.

The server settings state:

“A land claim grants a hardness modifier to all blocks in your claim area. This hardness modifier applies to any attacks or damage to blocks by enemy players. You can control the size of the horizontal area that is protected by a land claim block. All land claims protect their area vertically from sky to bedrock. For example, a land claim size of 7 would protect a 7×7 square area from sky to bedrock.”

Placing a Land Claim Block in a single-player game will not add a durability multiplier against zombies. The multiplier is only applicable to enemy players and, therefore, is more suited to multiplayer games.

7 Days to Die Land Claim Block FAQs

What Happens if You Destroy a Land Claim Block?

If you destroy a Land Claim Block, you will not be able to pick up objects like the Workbench in the area. You will also be forbidden from claiming the area again.

Is There a Limit to the Number of Land Claim Blocks You Can Place?

There is currently no limit, but only three Land Claim Blocks can be active at any given time. If you place a new Land Claim Block, the old one will revert to inactive, reducing it to 1 durability.

How Long Is a Land Claim Block Active?

Land Claim Blocks are active for as long as the player who placed it remains in the game. If the player leaves the game, the offline protection will be removed. This can be configured, however, in the server settings.

Can You Craft a Land Claim Block?

If you’ve lost the land claim block you start the game with, there’s no need to worry, you can simply craft another one. Land Claim Blocks only require five stone to craft, making them easily replaceable.

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